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Ibanez Joe Satriani JS2480 Electric Guitar (with Case)

Ibanez Joe Satriani JS2480 Electric Guitar (with Case)

Grab this Satriani signature axe for killer performance and incredibly smooth tone. The Edge tremolo offers solid control and accurate tuning stability.

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Submitted March 19, 2019 by Shred Flintstone in The Land, OH
"An amazing guitar !"
This guitar has it all.Playability is like none other guitar we have in our studio including our Ibanez RG 550, RG 652, PRS Core Custom 24, Les Paul Standard, Fender Am Strat,Tele.The list is a collection of amazing guitars and they all sound and play great, so whatmakes this guitar fit into this league of champions?This guitar doesn’t have Satch or anything written anywhere it’s just JS....so that’s coolThe neck is the smoothest and just the right balance with an asymmetrical carve.The 6105 frets are tall and thin...very much like the new Fender Pro Strats...The fretwork is smooth and crowned... as good as it gets.The guitar is very ergonomic and fairly light and not a problem doing a 2 hour gig.Sonically it’s neck pickup is a balanced and smooth with new harsh tones.The neck pickup sounds thick, rich and clear with a little bite ...really greatThe sustainiac adds a additional thickness with clarity.Build quality is Perfection.We highly recommend the investment in this world class instrumentAgain zZounds bends over backwards to help all of us musicians to find the gear that we love
Musical Background:
Studio owners and gigging musicians
Musical Style:
Rock, alt rock, prog and Brit pop
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Submitted March 9, 2019 by mike S in Pleasanton, TX
"Expensive and worth every penny"
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I've had this guitar a few months now and it is good company with a Charvel ( Jake E Lee ) , Ibanez JEM and a Strat. I literally haven't touched the other guitars since receiving this. I play every single day about 2 hrs. at a time and have been working my way through Satriani's material. To note ( I had 3 of the San Dimas Charvel from a long time when they had serial numbers in the thousands ) These facts are important in this review showing decades of owning and playing quality instruments. Now here is my review : This guitar is absolutely the best I have ever owned and played. I waited to write this review because It was important to play it hard ,fast and often to find out if anything was going to fail . This thing is a beast and it can handle whatever you throw at it. You can do whatever you want with the tremolo and it stays in tune and the pickups screams on any Satch ,Van Halen, Randy Rhoads tunes. The push /pull is a new thing for me and I was skeptical it would do anything worthwhile. It's not something I use real often but it adds a whole other set of options to your sound which is nice to have when you need it . I really can't say a single negative thing about this guitar. I give it 5 stars across the board which is a first.
Musical Background:
Playing since the Eighties
Musical Style:
Satriani,Van Halen , Randy Rhodes, SRV , Steve Vai and Eric Johnson primarily .
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