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Ibanez JBM27 Jake Bowen Electric Guitar, 7-String

Ibanez JBM27 Jake Bowen Electric Guitar, 7-String

Prog-metal master Jake Bowen of Periphery loaded his signature JBM27 with powerful Titan-7 pickups and an Edge Zero II-7 bridge to make this 7-string scream.

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Submitted February 23, 2016 by Justus Gash in McMinnville, OR
"Riff machine monster! "
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This guitar is a real treat to any Periphery fans waiting for a more affordable machine suited to Djenty prog riffing. The finish, neck profile, case and electronics are all top notch. The only really negative is working with this particular trem system. Also, make sure to condition your fretboard a ton if it comes pretty dry. I love the playability and tone once it was set up and dialed in. I personally threw a tremelo on it and had my tech do a setup. Took some serious effort to get everything reintonated but would be no different than pretty much any other floating trem setup. But the overall feel of the guitar is a lot more sturdy and punchy than I was expecting. Really has some thickness and beef to the tone and vibe of the instrument. Neck is not clunky or razer thin either. Pretty balanced. Also
The sound of the pickups is tight and responsive, with all the 5 pickup selections sounding great. Including one of the best neck pickups I have ever heard. The Dimarzio Titan sounds better in a 7 string than the 6 string version by a lot.
Loved the finish, unique and textured rather than a giant fingerprint magnet. Tuners are locking and very premium feeling. Trem system was a pain to work with and could easily be stripped out being intonated by inexperienced hands.
Ease of Use
Super playable, really nice RGA body contours and great fret access. Other than getting the tuning dialed in, really a fantastic player. Works good with all kinds of styles and tones too, not just a metal machine.
Seems like it would hold up well. Loved the case and how nice that felt with a premium leather handle. Again, trem system may rust or corrode but so would most.
It comes in at a really good price for what it is. Once dialed in, felt like I was playing a much more expensive custom instrument. The look is very classy and understated while having enough bling to be really eye catching at the same time.
Manufacturer Support
I had to request a trem arm since through some mixup I didn't receive mine. Other than that, haven't needed anything.
The Wow Factor
I love the reverse headstock and especially all the maple binding on the body, neck and headstock. Really a cool touch that makes it pop. Pickups being a modern brushed gold looks amazing as well. Love the look!
Musical Background:
14 yrs experience, currently Studio musician.
Musical Style:
Djent, Blues, ambient, Indie rock, Progressive Metal, Tech Death, Metalcore
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Submitted January 5, 2019 by Trevor Rankin in Wichita, KS
"An amazing guitar"
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I got this guitar on a whim. I'm not really a huge perifery fan, but this is my favorite guitar I've ever owned. I might get a six string version also. It dose everything I need very well, but the clean tones are amazing. The only slight drawback was only that I had to do a set up on it. Not because it came set up badly but because I wanted to play in a higher tuning
Musical Background:
Playing17 years. Regional giger
Musical Style:
Progressive metal. Death metal
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