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Ibanez GSRM25 GiO Mikro Electric Bass, 5-String

Ibanez GSRM25 GiO Mikro Electric Bass, 5-String

Built with smaller players in mind, this five-string bass from Ibanez has a compact design, a jatoba fretboard, and two STD jazz pickups.

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Submitted August 22, 2015 by Gio S in Los Angeles, CA
"An amazing Value and Player"
I have a miKro 4-string that is amazing, and when I saw the 5-er I had to have one. I was not disappointed. The build quality is excellent. the Pearl White metallic paint is perfect. The fret ends were as good as any, and the hardware is better than expected, especially the bridge, But the sound! WOW! This little monster has a full sound with a great, tight, growly B string - one of the best I have experienced. I was totally surprised. When you combine this with the always great Ibanez neck, you have a great player. So easy to play, especially as I am older. When I get used to the 5-string spacing and extra string, I will have no problem gigging with this bass. It is solid as a rock - I will not have any confidence issues. Cons - I would like the neck to be finished rather than satin, and I hope I can find a hard case for it, but I think it will fit a guitar case. Thank you, Ibanez for a super value - I don't know how you do this.
The sound is rich and full with great bottom end - actually better than my high-end Ibanez 5-string. I wonder what adding a pre-amp would do to this? There is plenty of room in the compartment.
I would have preferred that it had a split P-type neck pickup like the 4-string, but I found it sounds nearly identical to the miKro 4, and no hum pickup.
Ease of Use
There is a great variety of sounds available from the 2 pickups and tone control. It is not a bright, clangy sound, but very rich and full-bodied. A total surprise from a short-scale bass.
Superbly made. I would not have any doubts about the reliability of the product. I opened the control compartment that is not only shielded, but has all the wires neatly bundled with a tie-wrap. I tweaked the setup for super-low action with no fret buzz.
This is a super value - I can't understand how they can sell it at the going price.
Manufacturer Support
Nothing yet.
The Wow Factor
This little monster is going to turn a lot of heads when I take it out for gigs. They will not believe the sound.
Musical Background:
40 year Semi-Pro Player
Musical Style:
Classic Rock, Blues, Light Jazz
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Submitted January 3, 2014 by Jeff S in Denton, TX
"GSRM 25 Mikro 5 String Bass"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
After 30+ years of playing a 4-string, I really wanted to try a 5-string but wasn't sure if my brain was too hard-wired at this point to get comfortable with the low B... I wanted to get into something inexpensive so It wouldn't sting too bad if I couldn't make to jump. I've seen for years that Ibanez has been making some fairly respectable basses for the cost of a decent case and my desire to shed weight and try a shorter scale all came together when I saw this baby on a couple of sites. Buy a bass without playing it?... too risky, too much hassle if I get a dog, but... $200 bucks, free shipping, I mean how bad could I get hurt; these (reputable) sites have made the whole process so easy, oh well..here goes... Bottom Line:The thing arrived on-time, set-up (including spot-on intonation and not a fret-buss to be found). A sweet little bass, but alas, just too small - my bad, I just didn't focus on how tiny a 28.5" scale was, maybe a 32' or even a 30' would have worked, but at only 5"8" tall, I look (and feel) like i'm playing a toy. And yea, I'm gonna be all right with the jump to 5-string, but I'm not sure I can hang with this one. By the way it plays really well and sounds fine except for the low B string which on such a short scale is very loose and will break up almost any amp signal unless you dump a ton of low EQ. 'Cept now I'm not sure what to replace it with; I don't minding even shelling out a bit more $$$, up to $500 on a smallish scale 5-string but which one...? I can't fault Zounds or even Ibanez, I got what I ordered and the value was astounding, I wish I could say the same for my home-work prior to the purchase.
Musical Background:
PlayingBass 30+ years, pro for 15.
Musical Style:
Rock, R and B, Jazz
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Submitted March 18, 2014 by Ray Hartman in Seattle, WA
"Nice and Portable"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Plays well, in tune at the 12th fret which is difficult on a short scale, let alone a 5 string. A bit heavy for it's size. Fit and finish is real nice. Fret finish on fingerboard edge is smooth, much better than other brand short scales I've tried. Sound is as good as it can be considering the price. All in all, a great value. Excellent for writing & noodling.
Musical Background:
I have been playing the bass professionally for 48 years.
Musical Style:
Blues, Classic Rock, Jazz standards & Country
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