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Ibanez BTB846V Electric Bass Guitar

Ibanez BTB846V Electric Bass Guitar

With a beautiful poplar burl top, jatoba fretboard and an ash/mahogany wing body, the Ibanez BTB846V 6-string bass guitar looks great and plays even better.

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Submitted October 15, 2018 by Chris Fohner in Erie, PA
"Was really impressed! Love it!"
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I was really impressed with this bass. There were a few things I was hesitant about but ended up being pleasantly surprised overall. This is one of my favorite 6ers I've ever played!
I was pleasantly surprised by the pickups/EQ. I'm not that into bartolini pickups typically but these ones actually suit this bass really well. Very full and articulate. When you see this bass you would think it would only gravitate towards jazz/funk styles but I tried some rock, metal (as long as you dont play in too low of a tuning), punk, and some progressive stuff and it fits pretty well in most applications I threw at it. Really versatile. But still not entirely the sound I personally go for so I might switch to some nordstrands. Not bad pickups by any means, just a preference as I prefer a jazz bass kinda sound!
For me I absolutely love the finger ramp feature. I was worried I wasnt gonna dig it that much but I absolutely fell in love with it! It's so comfortable! Great for thumb techniques, palm muting and quick playing! Also was worried about the 33 inch scale length not holding the B string well but it actually holds well and is a very comfortable length! No complaints about any of the other features.
Ease of Use
This is possibly one of the most playable 6ers Ive played. Super comfortable and very easy to get a good sound. Took a tiny bit of adjusting to play over the ramp rather than the pickups (as that is where I previously liked to play) but wasnt too bad. The 33 inch scale length doesnt feel too much different from a 34 inch and I'm pretty used to 6 string bass beforehand so there was hardly any adjusting for me.
Overall built really well. Frets are level and low so you can get a nice low action. Frets have no sharp ends. Cant even feel that theyre there. Finish is very good and the lo gloss feels very nice and not sticky.Only complaint I have is the arm contour is pretty blocky and uncomfortable. Wish they wouldve rounded that part off a bit more. Probably one of the only things holding this thing back on playability.
I think it was worth the price. For a $1k instrument it feels very custom and boutique and makes me feel like I'm playing a more expensive instrument at times. While still not a cheap bass, all things considered, I feel the features on this bass are great at this price point.
Manufacturer Support
Have not needed to contact them.
The Wow Factor
I feel really inspired playing this bass. I'm just blown away at the playability and how well it fits my overall style of playing. Its also just an incredibly beautiful bass IMO, I do not think the pictures do it justice!
Musical Background:
Been playing bass for 9 years and I play out professionally in a progressive rock band!
Musical Style:
Progressive Rock, Metal, Funk, Jazz, Punk, Ambient, Classic Rock
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