Hohner 56 Echo 56 Tremolo Harmonica

Not only is the Echo 56 double sided to feature two different keys, it also uses detuned reeds to create a lush vibrato, perfect for most any style of music!


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    5 out of 5 stars
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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted November 18, 2022 by Tim Tim timmah O in Reno, NV

"If you didn't yet, you should now"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I acquired my tremolo harmonica before the warehouse moved to Nashville. This one I have, I'm looking for the A&E already having the C&G. There are two kinds of players, those who play and those who play well. I playYou know how to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice Practice Practice
I love how it responds to my mouth and tongue shape. Sounds like boxcar Willie and the stuff I heard in the background on Willie and Merle. Don't be afraid just try it. Tutorials do help, watch and learn
Dude, I just noodle. I'm sure you have a blue sound that you like. Turn it down low and play along. Get some
Ease of Use
You need to understand that this instrument runs on the breath input that you lay upon it. Don't jam it on your lips, hold it with both hands and just breathe through it. Try talking without words using the harmonica as your vocal cords. Dude you will like it
That I've had this instrument since before the warehouse relocated to Nashville, a couple of minutes, it has stood up to being sat upon, somebody's no don't do that lips on my harmonica, the instrument no don't do that. And it has actually been quite durable traveling in my rear pocket of my Levi's. But I'm a little more careful with it now. Suit jacket pocket thank you. No it's not a gun
What surprises me about the price point that it is actually less than I paid for it so many years ago and I'm going to get another one just because I can
The Wow Factor
Sometimes it's hard to play because the girls get a little up on it too close action kine thing. Seek the Temple of Procrastination this summer. You can play, you can do this . . .

Musical Background:

Trumpet trombone oboe clarinet saxophone trumpet trombone bugle didgeridoo xylophone harmonica bagpipes

Musical Style:

Trying to keep up
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