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Gretsch G2622 Streamliner CB Single Barrel HT Electric Guitar

Gretsch G2622 Streamliner CB Single Barrel HT Electric Guitar

Relive the past, with modern amenities. The Gretsch Streamliner CB HT features high-output Broad'Tron humbuckers, a center block and a dual-cutaway design.

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Submitted May 18, 2020 by Mikeilah Kennedy-LeFae in Colorado Springs, CO
"A Classic Gretsch"
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My Phantom Metallic 2622 HT arrived this morning, along with a few other goodies. I opened the carton last, wanting save the best for last. Upon, initial inspection, looking for flaws, I found none. The fit and finish is flawless, as always, with Gretsch. Next I tuned it, then played each string up and down the entirety of the neck, not a dead spot nor string buzz. That done, it was time to plug it into the Marshall, and see what it had.I have a 2622T, (Bigsby Vibrato), same pickups etc., so I, sort of, new what to expect for sound. However, I was pleasantly surprised, to find, the HT has a bit warmer tone and sound, yet at the same time, it has more balls, if that make sense. The lows are clear, defined, articulate and strong, not muddy, whether clean or overdriven. The mids are punchy, and bring out a nuance, that's difficult to describe. The highs are crystal clear, ringing, and articulate. Again, whether clean or overdriven... The real surprise is switching to the bridge pickup, especially, in overdrive... lead work is searing, intense, and clear, no mud, whatsoever! Even a chord riff "chugging" is riveting, but then, the Broad'Tron BT's are an amazing well designed pickup. One of the aspects I love about them, is when playing clean, they're crystal clear, as you'd expect, however, you can hear right behind that clear clean sound, a growl, just waiting to be let loose.Set up on this particular guitar is pretty much spot on! The action is perfect for my taste and the way, in which, I play. I had expected to need to do a bit of set up, minor tweaks, as with any guitar. My 2622T, needed a couple minor tweaks, when it arrived, but this one. It was stage ready right out of the box. I am looking forward to playing this guitar on stage in the stage lighting, as the finish in the sun, glistens and sparkles, so I am looking forward to seeing it the stage lighting. The pictures of it on the website do not, by any means, do this guitar justice.If you're looking for a Gretsch, that will sound like a Gretsch, sound prettier than it looks, play like butter, and get down right mean and nasty, without breaking the bank, the 2622 HT is just that. It is more than stage worthy! You owe it to yourself to pick one up!!!
This guitar is pure Gretsch sound, with balls when needed. You can play it pretty and you can play it down and dirty. Our band's music is a fusion of Southern Rock, Classic Rock, and Celtic Rock, but a few of our songs are more on the Metal Ballad side of things. The 2622 handles it all, with grace and aplomb, begging for more. The neck pickup is great for "chugging chord riffs", arpeggiations, and lead when you want to play it pretty. With both pickups engaged, you hear a bit of brashness and growl peeking through. Then engage the bridge pickup and get ready to sear the audiences senses, mind you that is when overdriven. Clean gives you a crystal clear ringing sound in the upper range. I cannot stress enough, whether clean or overdriven/distorted, your leads are clear and articulate, not muddy or undefined, that is true with chord riffs, as well.
Gretsch has been building guitars a very very long time. The concept, thought, and birthing of this line is testament to Gretsch's quality and skill. This guitar is classic Gretsch brought into the 21st century, with classic style, (simple elegance), yet it will give you, both, classic and modern sound.
Ease of Use
It could not be easier, to derive the sound you want. The tone and volume controls are responsive, where as you need to dime the knob, in order to hear/make a change in tone, with other guitars. This guitar's controls are very sensitive. As for a learning curve, if you're a first time Gretsch owner, it might take a few minutes to master the controls.
The quality is pure Gretsch, flawless!
This guitar is more than worth the price. You cannot find a better guitar of the style for this money. Besides, it's Gretsch!!! That says it all.
Manufacturer Support
I've not needed to contact Gretsch with any of my Gretsch guitars.
The Wow Factor
This guitar I suspect, will turn heads, not only just in its look, but the minute you hit the strings with that first chord or opening lead riff. Wow just doesn't quite cover it. I would say its Awe Factor would be more appropriate, than just Wow.
Musical Background:
Professional Guitarist for Blood Rose
Musical Style:
Fusion of Classic Rock, Southern Rock, and Celtic Rock, with a bit of Metal Ballad
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