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Gretsch G5410T Electro Bigsby Electric Guitar

Gretsch G5410T Electro Bigsby Electric Guitar

Late-'50s snap in a "rat rod!" The Gretsch Electro Bigsby guitar revs up attitudes with a 2.25" body, Filter'Tron pickups and a Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece.

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Submitted September 13, 2020 by Mikki Kennedy-LeFae in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
"An Amazing Guitar"
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It has been a little under a week, since the 5410T arrived. I've played it, almost, everyday since its arrival. I have a Gretsch G5422G 12-string, that has the Filter'Tron pickups in it. I love their sound in the 12-string. However, I've been extremely curious about their sound in a 6-string, and how they'd handle being overdriven/distorted.When the 5410 came out, I was immediately drawn to it, especially, the Matte White model. I have thing for white guitars. Anyway... upon arrival, as is my routine, I unpackaged it, gave it a thorough inspection, and found it perfect. I, then, checked the string action, the setup, and intonation, all, of which, were spot on, for the most part. I may lower the action just a minute tad, but, we will see, in time. So, once tuned, I began to go through the pickup configurations, in clean mode of my Marshall JVM410. It is true Gretsch sparkling clean, I kicked into "red" mode of the clean channel, which is pretty much, a "crunch" setting. I can see/hear blues tones for days. Then, it was back to "green" mode and kicking in one of the distortion pedals on my board.The sound and effect are nothing short of face melting sound. Being a hollow bodied guitar, the feedback is just what the doctor ordered, and is "controllable". Over the course of this past week... I've put it through its paces, and it has taken it, all, and begged for more. My band, Blood Rose, plays a wide variety of music, ranging from symphonic Celtic metal to Classic Southern Rock. The "Rat Rod" has performed way beyond expectation. From pristine clean to face melting distortion, and everything in between, the 5410 has pumped out amazing sound. In all modes, it cuts through the mix, when needed, and blends beautifully, when needed. This is an outstanding instrument!
The Gretsch 5410 has all the sonic versatility you could want, and the quality is superb, as good, if not better, than guitars costing twice or three times as much. Whether clean, crunchy, or overdriven, throughout the sonic ranges your sound is clear, articulate, without any mud.
Gretsch has been building guitars for many decades. They know, what works best for tone wood, and what combinations work best. The produce beautiful instruments, from which, you can derive all the classic and icon sound you could ever want. Over the past years, I have acquired, several Gretsches... (5622G 12-string, a 2622T, a 2622HT, a 2655 hardtail, a 5220 Electromatic Jet, and the 5410T. There's a reason... they're iconic instruments.
Ease of Use
It's as easy as tuning it, plugging into your amp, and hitting that first note, or chord.
It's a Gretsch! That means quality, quality, quality.
The 5410 is an amazing value! It is as good as a lot of guitars two or three times the price, if not better.
Manufacturer Support
I've not needed to contact Gretsch.
The Wow Factor
The 5410T Rat Rod will turn heads when you're on stage, both, in its look, and more importantly, with its sound.
Musical Background:
Professional Guitarist for Blood Rose, Vocals, singer/songwriter
Musical Style:
Symphonic Celtic Metal, Classic Rock, Celtic Rock, Southern Rock
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Submitted March 31, 2021 by a customer from gmail.com
"Meh :-/"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I'm a Gretsch guy. I own many, from lower end Electromatics up to Setzer models, I have quite a collection of them. So this one, with it's cool, old school Rat Rod/Rockabilly look, drew me in and I made the purchase. It was between this 5410 and the 5420, and I went with the 5410.Mistake.When I got it, I was seriously under-whelmed. I'll do a quick pros and cons for you:Pros: The pickups sound good. I like the Blacktron pickups, it's one of the reasons I bought it.The thinner body is easier on the forearm and helps with feed back playing live.It holds tune very well with the Bigsby.The nut is cut well, and the binding is done well.Cons:The black finish is a dry, scratchy, lumpy mess. It made it it possible to play live without my right forearm and my left hand being red and raw. I had to use quite a bit of compound to smooth the whole guitar out. It's more of a satin finish now, but at least it's smooth.The neck angle is too shallow, so even with the bridge completely down, the action was still much too high. I had to shave the wooden bridge down to lower everything in order to get it playable. After that, it played very well.There's some kind of clearcoat or wax on the fretboard that's impossible to get off. Makes the guitar look plastic.After dealing with the bridge issue and paint issue, it turned out to be a nice guitar. But you really shouldn't have to do THAT much to a new guitar to make it playable. To be completely honest, if I hadn't thrown the box away after unpacking it, I would have sent it right back. My mistake. And I won't make that mistake again.Go for the G5420T instead of the 5410T. It's a better guitar that will save you some headaches.
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