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Gretsch G5422T Electromatic Hollow Double Cutaway Electric Guitar with Bigsby

Gretsch G5422T Electromatic Hollow Double Cutaway Electric Guitar with Bigsby

When you walk out on stage holding a Bigsby-bridge G5422T with a double-cut body for easy high-fret access, the audience will know you're there to rock.

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Submitted October 14, 2020 by Clint Knight in Vancouver, WA
"G5422T Hollow body"
Just received my Gretsch 5422 today from Sweetwater. The quality of this guitar is fantastic! The neck plays like butter! I've had China made guitars before but this Korean made is right up there with my Gibson. The fit & finish is excellent! No flaws in the finish or the binding either. Best money I've spent on a guitar ever! Love the tonal range from a clean tone to a dirty growl. I kick myself for not buying this guitar sooner!
Musical Background:
45 yrs playing guitar/bass
Musical Style:
Live church worship music, christian rock, rockabilly, numerous garage bands
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Submitted April 30, 2019 by Gordon Agnew in COSBY, TN
"I've had the G5422tdc in Mahogany for a couple years."
The only changes I've made to this wonderful instrument is to go to flatwound 12's and lower them. I took it to my Luthier to have it gone over and he said, "The only thing I see is that you could lower the strings a little more". I have not and thoroughly enjoy this guitar as it is. I own a Gibson LP and have owned a '60's Gibson LP, Jr. For 30 years, I played a 1956 Gibson ES125. This Gretsch outplays and outsounds them all! Using my knowledge of chords, I'm expanding my playing abilities to the Chet Atkins' style of being a one man band! I play this guitar about twice/week due to set-up time with the amplifier (Fender Champion 100). My Jumbo Rancher is much quicker to grab & play.and it keeps my fingers in shape. The G5422tdc has given me no trouble with tuning or any other issue. I would not recommend getting the Gold version because the plating will not age well. I've seen too many go bad. The pickups are awesome, intonation perfect, the tuners are tight and the neck is superb!
I play a lot of muted strings...I guess that's my trademark, and the pickups do me justice. The reverb really gives me a wonderful sound.
If I were in charge of Gretsch, I wouldn't change a thing with this guitar.
Ease of Use
Everybody is different and has different wants and needs, but for me, this is one of the easiest playing guitars I've ever played. I'm 71 and got my first guitar at 16.
I've owned this guitar for a couple of years. It has NO scratches or other blemishes. The polyurethane has not cracked or split at any joins or bindings. It's a perfect guitar.
Absolutely worth today's price. I, personally, didn't pay this much and I was surprised to the how much it's risen in price since I purchased. However, this only makes me feel better knowing that I've got something that could be sold at any time with money to be made. No, it's not for sale! As long as my fingers still work, this will be my last guitar to be sold.
Manufacturer Support
No need to make contact.
The Wow Factor
Anyone can make good music by going to the phonograph! But let me say this about the G5422tdc: It's a knock-out piece of eye candy! The body with the colorful wood, bindings and F holes. The neck for it's fine finish (mine has the hump-back inlays), and the headstock for it's shape and finish. There is NOTHING UGLY about this guitar!!!
Musical Background:
I had piano lesson is the 1950's (about 4 years) and have led music at church with Piano, Organ and Guritar.
Musical Style:
Country, Blues, Christian, '50's
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Submitted November 12, 2016 by a customer from live.com in Chicago, IL
"Wow, the crest white is golden!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Alright, so I am a diehard Fender and Gibson fan. So I'm new to this whole Great Gretsch sound thing. I wanted a flossy guitar that was midrange and playable in a live setting but I didn't want to go Professional series just yet. I wanted to understand, play and feel the differences. I pulled it out of the box and it was flawless, the top strap screw had a problem because the screw came out completely (fixable). I was worried at first because the action was high and I thought I bought a guitar with cheap neck(you gotta love your guitar's neck)... I adjusted the action and I was relieved, it was just too high.Before I even plugged it in I noticed it had a great acoustic tone and the size of it is much smaller closer to a Falcon junior or a Gibson es-339. Don't quote me because this is my first semi-hollow body. I like big fat chunky Gibsons but you can't play live with them very long unless it's a adrenalized rock show. All that being said I got chills down my leg from strumming a few chords unplugged, the intonation is brilliant.This is not a cheapie Electromatic wannabe. With a few upgrades like locking tuners and High Sensitive Filtertrons this series of guitars can easily rival their bigger more eloquent brothers. The pickups are a bit muddy for my taste. Black tops are definitely beautiful and smooth if that's what you're going for but they break up fast which generally, clean tone players avoid.I'm very happy with zZounds. You guys are the best. I placed the order Wednesday night and I received it Saturday afternoon the same week.
Musical Background:
I come from a family of musician... we spend hours in church
Musical Style:
Post rock, blues, Christian
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