Gretsch G6620T Players Edition Nashville Center Block Double-Cut Electric Guitar (with Case)

Pick up where the Nashville greats left off! This Gretsch Players Edition guitar pulls inspiration from the Music City to supply plenty of sonic muscle.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted June 13, 2019 by Guy Gilray in Oregon City, OR

"Fantastic Guitar!"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I've played nothing but solid body guitars for 40 years and was looking for something different. I played a bunch of different hollow body and semi-hollow body guitars at my local guitar shop and realized right off that I liked the tone and feel of Gretsch guitars the best. I tried Epiphones and D'Angelicos and Ibanez, too, but they didn't quite have the twang of the Gretschs. All of the Gretsch guitars at my local shop were on the lower end, maxing out at around $1000. I liked some of them, but I really wanted something of a showpiece, something just a little extravagent. So I looked online for the higher-end Gretschs, and really liked the look of some of them. I figured they would all play and sound at least as good as the ones I had tried earlier. That's when I came across this beauty, the Nashville double cut, and it was love at first sight. But I had to know it was love and not infatuation, so I waited and gave it a lot of thought. After about two months, I gave in and ordered a blemished version of this model. I knew it was a little risky, as I had never bought a blemished guitar and was worried it might have some weird cosmetic flaw that would bug the heck out of me after a while, but to my surprise, when it arrived, there was no blemish at all. I went over the guitar with a fine tooth comb, and could find only one small thing: a capacitor that was visible through one of the f-holes. I simply pushed it out of the way and poof! The “blemish” was gone! And I saved nearly $360 dollars. What a deal! Thanks, zZounds! I have to say, the fit and finish on this instrument is the finest I've ever owned. She is absolutely the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen. It feels kind of like having the most gorgeous super-model in the world suddenly show up on your doorstep and become your girlfriend. And better yet, her voice is smooth, sweet, and super-twangy. Just the best sounding six-string I've ever had. She has a wide range of tones and can be used from everything from rockabilly to country to hard rock. She can do it all. The Filtertrons deliver that classic Gretsch vibe. So far, the only negative is that the Bigsby throws her out of tune a bit. But I don't use it very much. I haven't tried nut graphite yet, and hope that will solve the problem. I had my 9-year-old son blind test the sound of this guitar against my others – a '79 Stratocaster and a 2015 Les Paul Custom Pro. He picked the Gretsch with both clean and overdriven tones, as the best sounding guitar, and I have to agree.

Musical Background:

Have played guitar for 40 years. Also play bass. Have recorded nine solo albums.

Musical Style:

Rock, Instrumental Rock, Alternative, Country-Rock, Rockabilly
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