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Gibson SG Junior Electric Guitar (with Case)

Gibson SG Junior Electric Guitar (with Case)

Powered by a single dog-ear P90 pickup, this SG Junior drips with vintage inspiration -- from its white button tuners to the compensated wraparound bridge.

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Submitted January 2, 2021 by Mark Garner in Metairie, LA
"Wow, Serious Tone Machine!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I bought this after first trying the 'SG Standard Tribute' model.This specimen I received was a piece of JUNK. (I'm sure not all of them are junk but this one surely was.) The action was set sky high to hide the insane amount of fret buzz on the high E, and B strings. It was immediately returned.I had lusted for this particular SG since it was introduced but budget-wise it was just out of my reach. Then a blemished model showed up with a healthy discount.I bought it and couldn't be happier. Really, COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.This beauty is as light as a feather with a nice slender neck and a beautifully dressed fretboard. (Gibson still has some serious QC issues but other than light surface scratches on the pickup cover, (the "blemish"?), this little thing is expertly crafted and finished.)Don't worry about intonation with the wraparound bridge. Mine is nearly perfect. So much so that I haven't touched the grub screws.Now, "the sound" you ask...The sound is fantabulous as they say in some circles. The Gibson P-90 is truly one of the defining sounds of classic rock. (Ask the recently departed, and greatly admired by me, Leslie West.)This is my first single-pickup guitar and I'm still finding new tones on it. There is a ton of variety available through the tone control but it sounds best with both knobs on '10' fed into a good distortion pedal.You can't adjust the pickup height but this pickup is very responsive to picking dynamics. It truly shines when your slamming the strings, especially with good old fashioned power chords.With my trusty MXR Distortion Plus I tested it through two Marshalls; a DSL1 driving a 1×12 and an Origin 20 driving two 4×12's, and through a Vox VT40X using the on-board distortion.It ROARED.Using a clean tone, the guitar performed admirably as well. It has enough punch to drive a tube amp but it sounds great through a solid state model as well.I'm a "Fender guy" but I LOVE this Gibson. (I've owned six Gibsons and have sold five of them. This one stays.)I mostly play Teles because the ashtray bridge is perfectly situated for anchoring my picking hand by hooking my pinky on the base of the bridge assembly. The way the dog ear P-90 is placed on this SG, with its' height, it makes a perfect anchor spot.The one thing you need to know is that this guitar is very thin all the way around. If you're someone who leans on their guitar you will get some unintended vibrato effects because there is some flex in the neck. (This can actually be quite useful for dramatic effect with sustained notes or chords.)As far as the other bits, the included case is top notch. The tuners work well, the nut is properly cut and slotted and there really isn't much "neck dive". I use a suede strap so it sorta locks in place on my shoulder. (It comes with a nice Gibson strap but a black suede strap looks GREAT with this lovely cherry finish.)Summary: Great axe. A little pricey but not "sell the house, car and kids" expensive. (I have three Fender Teles, and two Fender Strats and they're kind of annoyed that this outsider is getting so much of my attention.)
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Former semi-pro now a stay-at-home jammer.
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Rock, rock and rock. The old stuff; Beatles, Yardbirds, Pink Floyd, Jimi...
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Submitted December 19, 2020 by a customer from yahoo.com
"Underrated P90 Rock Machine !"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I bought this guitar 5 months ago from zZounds. I couldn't be happier. Its got the best P90 Rock Sound I ever heard. The Set neck enhances this tone too . I actually think its got more bite than even a Les Paul Jr. To my ears it sounded clearer as well.
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