Gibson J-45 Standard Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Left Handed (with Case)

This lefty J-45 Standard puts powerful tone in the hands of any southpaw. The guitar's LR Baggs VTC electronics will make you sound your best on any stage.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted August 24, 2022 by Barth (Papa 6String Bear) G in Placerville, CA


Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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The GIbson J45 is everything it’s long time reputation say’s it is! First off it’s Gorgeous, just a beautiful instrument; the playability is epically awesome, I did not have to make any saddle or nut adjustments at all! It was PERFECT out of the box- the first guitar I have ever had that happen! And it’s not a “one off” a lot of cats I have talked to who also covet this pristine sounding dreadnaught, have echoed the same thing- it appears to be constantly True from the Hummingbird up in the Gibson line. The electronics are professional grade A with very cool controls in the top of the sound hole: at first I thought: “WTF”, but after taking it out of the most beautiful hardcase it ships in, I went awwwwe; NICE! Most very sweet, it is way more convenient and easy to use! There are very few guitars for us “Lefty’s” to choose from; fortunately, both the J45 and Hummingbird come left handed. I advise unless buying a classic/ antique to roll with the J45 if at all possible. The pay as you play dialed me just right, no interest and it arrived the day after it was back in stock! (It does go fast-preordering recommend if their out, and if zZounds is out, probably everyone else is too, been there done that!????! There is not a Martin or Taylor within +\- minus $800.00 that sound or plays as well as this baby, not in the Left Handed options! The GIBSON Jumbo classic does at around $3,200. To $4,000 depending on availability. (I bought the Eppiphone J-200 EC, changed out the saddle and nut- stripped the POS wires; threaded in DAddario XT’s Nickel wound- BOOM! Sounds every bit as good as the Gibson G-200! The “G” not “J” G-200! And no, it does not roll that way with either the Eppiphone Hummer’s or J45’- not even close, including the G-series, Know that! So, there it is man, it’s the last guitar you will ever NEED! (Definitely not the last guitar you will ever want- once your looking at these seriously, you probably already have GAS or soon will!) Last note: on stage or in the studio, this is one of the most dynamic, crisp, full; robust sounding acoustic-electric guitars I have ever heard, especially at the high end, the hardest frequencies to really have dialed in without losing anything in the mids or low end)
Epically awesome! Need a severely well tuned (deformed( ear to hear anything discordant!
There literally is nothing I would change! As I already mentioned, the first guitar I’ve ever owned that was precisely saddled and nut balanced; absolutely no sanding or tweaking needed, the fretboard is soooo smooth and easy to navigate man; perfect width and length for this eclectic guitarist (blues, rock, county, Medal, folk, anything other than disco or rap!)
Ease of Use
Compatibility is no issue whatsoever. I prefer analog (Tube equipped) amps with compatible gear- it’s performance will be epic regardless of recording equipment- the only thing that can hurt the sound and response of this instrument is the individual using it!????! It is not a beginner guitar at all! That said, if you are a truly serious AF amateur, it would probably be the easiest to learn on because of well the fret board and strings respond with very little pressure at all, even with mediums & above. It comes with nice DAddario lights- I replaced them with Eddie Ball phosphorus Brass wire, I prefer Eddie Ball with few exceptions, I do like the DAddario’s better on the Jumbo and Fender acoustic in my quiver however!?? Personal preference always with stings.
Worth every dollar and properly maintained, this instrument will only become more sweet sounding as the wood matures with proper humility and increase in value- I suggest keeping it in its case with humidifier sound hole cover or snot wads.
The Wow Factor
The classic GIBSON Dreadnaught lines, paint and beauty! It’s unmistakable in every way of being a Gibby Classic 45!

Musical Background:

Lifetime enthusiast

Musical Style:

Blues, rock, country/folk, alternative, medal
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