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Gator GFW-ID-SPKR Speaker Stand

Gator GFW-ID-SPKR Speaker Stand

With its portable design, Lift-EEZ piston, and adjustable third leg, this sturdy speaker stand holds up your speakers during gigs -- even on uneven surfaces.

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Submitted December 28, 2014 by edwin a in north windham, CT
"Very beefy stands"
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I have mixed feelings on these stands, In my honest opinion they are not compact at all. Gator doesn't list specs on these anywhere. Folded up they are about 46" long. They are very heavy, not going to be fun lugging these around. This is my 1st time using stands with a built in piston so this may be normal. Should be at least 15lbs, i ordered a chauvet 4play along with a pair of these and the total weight was 47lbs. With all that aside they do seem very well built, the piston is a neat option but my main reason for buying these were for compactness. Which honestly they are not. Not sure if i'm keeping them.
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dj 20 plus years
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Submitted October 6, 2015 by steve c in Austin, TX
"Not Worth The Money..."
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Okay, speaker stands are one of those sound system items where you really do get what you pay for... most of the time. They have one job, and that's to keep speakers firmly and safely in place. You buy cheap, it may do the job for a while, but will wear out or break quickly. I have used just about every brand of speaker stand on the market. Ultimate Stands have always been my go-to brand, but I also do love Gator Cases. So my interest was peaked by this new ID Speaker Stand system. I travel internationally several times a year, and we transport our sound system with us (for live music, canned music, and for PA live presentation use) as checked baggage. Due to size and weight constraints, we have a very compact system (QSC K8s, Smaller Mackie Mixer, plus cables, mics, and stands). We transport it all in SKB All weather cases, and can do so without going over weight limits when flying. The compact and small design of these stands, along with Gator's normal tough construction, is what attracted me to the ID series stands. I figured these would allow us to carry our 3 boom stands, and both speaker stands in one flight bag, and still be fine weight-wise. Imagine my surprise when I pulled these stands out of the box. These are listed between 12 and 13 pounds each, but they feel more like 15+. Yes, they fold down in to a cylinder, but they are NOT compact or light. These are EASILY twice the weight (or more) of Ultimate's best stands, even those with the cylinder assist feature. I know that they are supposed to be heavy duty, but the very first time I set them up, the rubber "feet" fell out of one of the stands, and would not stay put. Could I glue them in? Sure, but at $169 each, these should be well constructed right out of the box. Regarding the operation of these stands... I just have to say that it is not very refined, and could even be described as clunky. With Ultimate's piston type stands, everything works very smoothly. The legs are easy to open and adjust, and the height adjustment is very user friendly. Trying to open the legs on the ID stand from the closed position is awkward, at best. Because of the stand's weight, it's difficult to lift it with one hand while trying to open it with the other (and I'm not a tiny guy). Then, the cylinder portion is rather strange, as well. Like all cylinder aided stands, going up is not a problem. Simply place the speaker on the stand, open the latch, and it goes up. The strange part is trying to get the speaker down, or trying to make adjustments via lowering the speaker. Unless you have very heavy speakers on the stands, you literally have to open the latch, and then pull the top of the stand (and speaker) down towards the floor. Once there, you have to quickly flip the latch closed to prevent it from popping right back up. IMO, this makes it a pain in the neck to use, and I found myself wishing it didn't have the "assist" feature at all. The stands look nice, and the demo video from Gator conveniently cuts away during the "awkward" parts of the setup and tear down. Ultimate's TS-90B with the Telelock system is a FAR superior product in every way. Lighter, with better construction... and the operation of their assist system is first-rate. All for just over HALF the price of the Gator ID system. Sorry Gator, can't recommend these stands. Don't buy into the hype of cool design and video... these are not worth the money.
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Active musician
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Submitted December 10, 2018 by a customer from yahoo.com
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These worked great at first but wore quickly. Going a different direction till the design gets better. Need higher quality build
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