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Friedman ASC10 Modeler Monitor Powered Extension Cabinet (1x10", 500 Watts)

Friedman ASC10 Modeler Monitor Powered Extension Cabinet (1x10", 500 Watts)

Designed for amp modelers like the Kemper Profiler, the Friedman ASC10 powered extension cabinet pushes 500 watts through a custom 10-inch Celestion speaker.

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Submitted May 19, 2020 by Ozzy I in Concord, CA
"Good Locking, Portable FRFR solution"
Was looking for an FRFR speaker for my Helix but none seem to give me that "oomph" I wanted. After watching some informative reviews on youtube I took a chance and It was a great decision. The price tag is steep (considering you can get an EV PA speaker for about 300) but its worth it. You probably spent a good amount on a modelers, so this will really complete that signal chain.Be aware, this FRFR is NOT Flat. There is an EQ curve to match that of a Guitar Amp, so it's not advised to run anything besides guitar signal. The good news is, it's sounds great, and it FEELS great! This model has an 1/4 input along with an XLR. I personally find that super useful since you can run XLR to FOH and use the 1/4 input for using this. Besides that, the "Gain" knob is a bit finicky, where you should be pushing it a bit to get that nice warm response, and there is just a Low Cut switch on the back.Overall, it sounds great, it looks cool, and its easy to carry!
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Guitarist, Home producer, Gigging Player, Metal Rock and Covers.
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Metal, Rock, Covers, Blues
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