Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic Microphone Preamplifier

Add 8 mic preamp channels to your studio via ADAT! Focusrite's Dynamic version of the Scarlett OctoPre adds easy-to-use one-knob compressors on each channel.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted April 19, 2018 by Kyle M

"Double the Awesome!"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I was unsure if this unit or the basic Octo was right for me. There's little to no info on the hardware compressors and since most of us use plugins it was tough to decide if it was worth the extra money. Now I know it is. It looks great alongside the 18i20, is superior for rack routing, a tad more flexible and for someone who records fully mic'd bands at jam sessions and live shows, a touch of compression can make the difference between a hot track and a hot mess of a track. To summarize, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I mean, its Focusrite. You know its gonna be great!
Awesome Focusrite preamp what more can I say? If you have the 18i6 or 18i20, this will open a large door to bigger mixes. Full mic drum sets, 2 guitars, bass, keys, vocals and still have room. I've been very pleased with the 18i20 but restricted to 3 and 4 mics on the drums, so now it's really on! I'm not reviewing the sound of the unit so much as the sound you can make with it. That's the key feature.
All of the necessary features are available on the front with tactile knobs and buttons. Knobs have weight to them and a soft coating. Buttons are momentary and toggle and feel like aluminum so I trust they'll survive for some time. Routing on the back is pretty much the same as the 18i20, straightforward ins and outs, but the cool part is it can take ADAT in to give you the extra 8ch of balanced 1/4 out, with the press of a button or send the 8 inputs out directly with the press of a button. No software trickery. I use a rackmount headphone amp that occupies all of the 18i20 outs and still have 8 available outs for routing to mixers, outboard gear, or a PA!
Ease of Use
Mount it in the rack, connect your ADAT, turn it on, set your clock mode, sample rate. Done.
Aluminum chassis, solid knobs and buttons, confident connections.
I had a long debate over this unit and the standard version, and couldn't be happier. There's something to be said the effect of hardware compression in your mix and even more to the convenience of compressing hot inputs in life situations to keep things under control. Having 16 inputs is not a cheap venture, and Focusrite has made it easier to have quality and quantity for a reasonable price. They're popular for a reason and this unit is a prime example. The potential it offers and flexibility it gives is worth every penny and zZounds has a great price!
Manufacturer Support
Excellent, register your Focusrite products and you have a direct channel to them for any questions or concerns.
The Wow Factor
Recording a full band with a mic everywhere one should be has challenged me to create better static mixes and improve my recording techniques to achieve a better product! I couldn't be happier with Focusrite products and the quality, this unit is no exception. Quality and quantity, add simple hardware compression and you can have your cake and eat it too!

Musical Background:

Drummer aspiring producer/engineer

Musical Style:

Rock. Blues, metal, anything that's jamming!
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