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Fluid Audio F8S Powered Studio Subwoofer

Fluid Audio F8S Powered Studio Subwoofer

Monitor bass accurately with this 200-watt 8" powered sub. With variable phase, variable low-pass, and an included footswitch, the Fluid F8S fits any studio.

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Submitted October 3, 2016 by Rodney Haley in Springfield, MO
"Fluid Audio F8s Powered Studio Subwoofer"
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I've been using NHT Pro A-10's for 10 years and I am quite pleased with the accurate, tight, full bass extension that the Fluid Audio F8S Sub has added to my mixes-makes me wonder how I did without them for so long. I've gone back to re-listen to nearly everything I've recorded. Especially minty when used with heavy gauge cable like Monster Cable's Prolink Studio Pro 1000. Excellent bank for the buck!
Musical Background:
musician, composer-saxophone, keyboards over 20 years, home recording studio owner. These days, I jam at home.
Musical Style:
smooth jazz, electronic, funk, rock, soul
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Submitted October 31, 2020 by a customer from gmail.com
"It works for me"
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I bought Alpha 65's and paired this sub to help bare the low end burden in a small rectangular "treated" room. It's cost effective and a good value imho.
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Submitted October 21, 2020 by a customer from yahoo.com
"Get the KRK"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
TL:DR: Get the KRK.I've never written a gear review but I was so disappointed with this sub I felt compelled to do so. I have the Fluid Audio FX50 monitors and absolutely love them. Having owned around 10 sets of monitors over the years, they may well be my favorites: you can hear absolutely everything with them. I heard things I didn't hear on Adams, for instance. I've historically used 8" monitors but I'm now working in a very small room with heavy acoustic treatments and have tried various 7", 5" and 4" monitors in there. The FX50's blew me away so I stuck with them without a second thought. Since I work on a lot of electronic music I was sorely missing the low end frequencies so I decided to get a sub. This seemed like the natural choice to go with the FX50 monitors but I was still trying to decide between this and the KRK 8s2. On paper this thing beats the KRK - double the wattage, lower frequency extension and although it measures a few dB quieter overall that wasn't a big concern given the size of my room. During setup I noticed that you can't push the Fluid Audio sub anywhere near maximum power: there is significant port chuffing at rather moderate levels and cone distortion beyond that. This was an initial disappointment - that it apparently couldn't come anywhere close to utilizing the full 200 watts but I figured it was just to provide ample overhead. I plugged the port with some Auralex foam and it performed much better - tighter and much more controlled, and it could be pushed to higher volumes without the port chuffing and distortion. Once I got it setup in conjunction with the monitors to where I liked it I was able to have it at max volume relative to the monitors (which can go full volume with zero issue). It actually sounded really good at lower and moderate volumes but started to fall apart just a bit when matching the monitor's max volume. Regardless, all was well when I noticed a pretty significant electrical buzz coming from the rear/amp area. It did this regardless of ground/no ground or anything else plugged into it. I decided to return it and get another one. The new one had the same buzz, which was disappointing, but I went with it. After about an hour of play time it crackled then went out completely. The sub just stopped working although it was still powered on and receiving a signal (as per the indication light), and the only signal it passed to the monitors was distorted and incredibly low - you could barely hear it in the monitors at max volume, so there was obviously a major electronics failure. I decided to try the KRK after this and I'm so glad I did. I'm not going to review the KRK here but I'm very sorry to say that the KRK beats out the Fluid Audio in every regard, and significantly so.
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