Fender Redondo Player Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Left-Handed

Perfect for playing around campfires and taking on road trips, the Fender Redondo's solid spruce top and Fishman electronics ensure a great sound anywhere.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted August 24, 2022 by Barth Papa-6String-Bear G in Placerville, CA

"Great Workhorse"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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With left handed gear being what it is, LIMITED AF, this is one of the Lefty’s available that holds it’s value and performs well. (I have used this dreadnaught on stage in fact with very few discrepancies or complaints.) At $449.00, there really isn’t a full-size dreadnaught out there that can compete with the “California Series” Fender “Player” line;,(low end). It’s robust, durable and not bad looking. It’s definitely not my favorite fret board; however, it is very acceptable for the price and model. If you are a intermediate; becoming a more proficient musician. (above a three chord strummer), move on! This is not your next guitar; (and likely already know that!??!) this in-fact is one of three of my very first guitars. I also purchased a LH Breedlove Concert Persuit CE Sitka- (an awesome parlor guitar-smaller) and the Gretsch 5422T for an electric. I already had some knowledge and play experience from a used Washburn I practically stole at an estate sale- the fact it was left handed sealed it at $35.00 for a $350.00 guitar in pretty good condition. Once I got the F and B chords figured out, I was off and running! My son in law being a professional guitarist made it even sweeter becoming knowledgeable with the art. Again, the Fender Redondo has done me proud! I still pull it out all the time and play, it has become better sounding (not just because I’m getting better but definitely a part of the equation!??!) due to aging- guitars that are kept at the proper humidity and cleaned when necessary; the fretboard properly oiled around once a year, will just continue to become more “full bodied” “robust” and all around better sounding every year with very very very few exceptions! I will not part with my Redondo but am going to replace the saddle and nut, I did do some sanding to my stock saddle, did some nut tweaks, but please speak with the zZounds specialist before even considering these adjustments. The reasons for it are to make the strings precise in hight, spread; balanced. The True bone replacements along with the pins all help these lower end instrument to sound their best and sometimes epically! zZounds will do this for you before it ships and well worth the money if your not comfortable DIY.
Sounds awesome for the money! Excellent tone bottom to top-
Again, for the money and availability of left handed gear, the Fender California Series apart of the “Player line” lower end; is packed with features from the built in tuner and pickup with volume, bass and treble controls to the tuning screws response and stability. (The Fender Stock string guild for the high E and B string has always bugged me but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, it just appears “weak” or lazy for me!,?? Again, just a personal thing that has zero to do with the Redondo’s value or quality!
Ease of Use
Have to use a little more pressure than most quality guitars, I suggest light to extra light strings to start for the novice- that said, it’s an excellent way to build fret dexterity; chord progression/transitions! When I received my GIBSON J45 it was like: are you kidding me! Smooooth baby, just mmmmm! (It’s only $2,300.00 more than this workhorse!) Point being, I became proficient on the Redondo making most everything very nice to play with very few exceptions!
This guitar to me is like buying steel toe boots, they cover your ass on stage well enough, tough AF, and will just last forever unless you really abuse it! The paint is a$500.00 Guitar paint job! It’s not WOW but pretty enough to see yourself in if you take care of it!
This product is worth every penny! Hands down one of the very best values in the new left handed guitar Market!
Manufacturer Support
Never had to deal with Fender, Gibson, Taylor or Takimine- Martin is the only manufacturer I have had to deal with and will never deal with again- because a Martin will never find Purchase in my soil; my quiver is Martin free and always will be- overrated IMO Only!

Musical Background:

Intermediate to proficient

Musical Style:

Blues, Beach Goth, Rock, County, Folk, alternative, medal-
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