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Fender Player Jaguar Pau Ferro Electric Guitar

Fender Player Jaguar Pau Ferro Electric Guitar

This Player Series Jag is made to rock, with an instantly playable 24" short-scale, Pau Ferro fretboard, and bridge humbucker to crank out blistering tone.

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Submitted April 25, 2020 by Justin U in Pearce, AZ
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Wonderful instrument, the best I've owned. Setting the intonation was the hardest for me of the guitars I've owned, but once it is setup it is wonderful. The quality is amazing. I have never owned a Fender before and it is the best I have had. The vibrato arm sends it out of tune if you try dive bombing lulz Not really a complaint, just a fact. I am not too impressed with the pickups (they produce what seems to be a lot of telecaster sound) but that is not a problem either because I always swap the stock pickups out anyways. I love the 24 inch scale, I feel like the 22nd fret in not necessary though on this short scale, the additional fret pushes the frets closer together and would makes some chords harder to pull off that need lots of fingers on the same fret. Luckily for me i have small hands and fingers so not an issue. I still love this guitar and plan to keep it forever.
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Submitted September 4, 2018 by Mike Johnson in Greenville, SC
"Fender Player Jaguar Pau Forro"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I've have this guitar for a month. I've always wanted a Jaguar! The action is very nice! I usually use both pups with the bridge set in the single position, the humbucker is very nice sounding! For me it's a bit too hot, I mainly play rhythmn. Love the color. I've played it through all three of my amps, Fender, Egnator and Peavey. It sounds very creaming through the Egnator. Now for some cons about it. Not sure if I care for the Pau Ferro fretboard, if you should pick the red one the picture shows a locking tremlo, it does come with on, disappointed, no real biggy. Tone wises, it sounds a bit tinny, it came with a set of 9's on it it switched out with another brand of 9's, still didn't help, tried different picks as well, adjust the tone settings, I could get the tinny out but then it sounded muddy, I don't know it may just be the Jaguar pups nature, I'm used to Stratocaster or humbucker pups. I may try a set of 10's on it. Action is great! Had to get the ntonation set. I have always set my own for years , but this Jaguar made me take it to a shop! Ok ranting time! M not sure about this new Player series, as I not have a Standard series Strat to compare it with. Would I recommend this Jaguar, honestly, I don't know yet, Im still tweaking it. Do I like it, yes. Would I buy it again, honestly, I don't know yet! What I do know is it is a great playing guitar and with tweaking you'll find what your looking for in tone. It sounds good dirty or clean, the tinny thing is just my personal dislike.
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