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Fender Player Telecaster HH Electric Guitar, Maple Fingerboard

Fender Player Telecaster HH Electric Guitar, Maple Fingerboard

Take your playing up a few notches with this humbucker-loaded Tele. A maple fretboard keeps the tone crisp, while the buckers crank out hot and heavy sound.

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Submitted September 24, 2019 by David Kirby in Idaho Falls, ID
"Pleasantly surprised"
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This thing is amazing! It sounds and plays fantastic. The only set-up I had to do was to take some of the bow out of the neck. The action, even at the nut, and the intonation were perfect right out of the box. What really pleasantly surprised me was that the tone knob is push-pull. When you pull it up, it coil-taps the pickups, and it's now a single-coil Tele. Wow!! I recommend this guitar to anyone in the market for a fantastic deal.
The sound is great, what you'd expect from Fender humbuckers or even single coils. No complaints here.
All great components as far as I can see. It's beautiful, comfortable, practical, and it kills! Fender did a good job assembling this set of components. Its individually adjustable saddles are a big plus, and the coil-tap feature is fantastic!
Ease of Use
Whether straight into an amp or through a pedalboard, this guitar is a good-sounding guitar. No real learning curve (unless you've never played before), and it is supremely playable.
Fit and finish were impeccable, and like most Teles, it's built like a tank. I expect it to way outlast me.
Oh yeah, well worth the price. zZounds makes buying easy, with their zero-interest installment plans. With my income, it's hard to plop down a full-pop purchese price. This guitar is priced competitively with other companies' prices.
Manufacturer Support
zZounds is a great outfit, very accommdating and helpful. I've never dealt with Fender directly, except to register products, even though I have a bunch of their guitars and basses. But I've heard that they're easy to work with, too.
The Wow Factor
It just looks good! It sounds awesome.
Musical Background:
Been playing since the Beatles. I play professionally, at church, at home, wherever.
Musical Style:
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Submitted March 24, 2021 by a customer from dasilva.agency
"Great Concept, Poor Quality"
I've owned this guitar for about 1.5 years now, and it's my primary guitar (I play daily). The concept of this guitar is great: fixed bridge, dual (splittable) humbuckers, belly cut, 6 saddle bridge. It seemed to be in better shape when I first received it, compared to now. I've had to adjust the truss rod several times, which is a first for any of my guitars. If I even need to adjust the truss rod, it's been only once, MAYBE twice on my other guitars. I've also yet to be able to get the intonation dialed in. The low E saddle is as far forward as it'll go, but to get 'perfect' intonation, I need it to go a little further. The neck AND body have shrunk due to low humidity, but I live in NYC, not the desert, and again this is the first guitar I've owned that has been so affected. The neck ends up with sharp fret ends, as every time it shrinks more, I do some more light filing to fix them. The body has shrunken so much, the pick guard now bows in the middle, as it's too big for the body. This is again another issue that I have yet to experience on other guitars. The skunk stripe on the back of the neck is not flush in one spot, so I constantly feel that little ridge under my thumb/hand while playing. I thought it would be just a minor little thing that I wouldn't even notice eventually, but nope.. it's still noticeable and just detracts from what could otherwise be a very nice neck. So, as I play this guitar more and more, it becomes less and less fun. All I hear is the out-of-tune barre chords from the poor intonation, and the neck just doesn't feel as nice as it originally was, due to the shrinkage. I'm glad I got this guitar on discount (demo model), but it still pales in comparison with some very cheap guitars I own, for example: a Squier Classic Vibe Strat (feels much higher quality than the Player Tele), and even an old, super cheap Jay Turser "strat" feels better to play now. Maybe I got a lemon? I don't know. I just wanted to share my experience, in case it helps anyone with their purchasing decisions.
Musical Background:
Semi-pro musician, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter
Musical Style:
Rock (punk, classic), reggae, ska, blues
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