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Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (with Case)

Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster Electric Guitar (with Case)

Get the sound of Slipknot's Jim Root. Stripped down to its dangerous essence, this Jazzmaster offers punishing tone courtesy of EMG 81 and 60 humbuckers.

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Submitted June 8, 2014 by Scott S in Sandy, UT
"Not your typical Jazzmaster"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I have a lot of guitars....mostly Strats and Les Pauls. I was looking for something different and simpler to use, as I'll get caught up in vol/tone control changes. I started out looking for an older hard tail Strat, then newer ones, then hit the JR Strat and then this. I held out for about 6 hours before I caved and ordered it and I'm glad I did.
Sound is good...tight and brutal when you need it to be, but blues solos can be played on this guitar no problem. I'm not the biggest fan of EMGs, but my experience with them has been mostly in LPs and ESP Eclipses, both of which are mahogany bodied guitars with maple caps, and they just always seemed too shrill in those guitars. This being just mahogany reduces that and makes them a lot more usable to my ears.
Most useful features include Schaller locking tuners, making string changes a snap. One volume knob makes it easy to just forget about tone and jam...and it's perfectly placed for volume swells and roll offs. Hard tail bridge is perfect to rest your hand on for palm mutes and is infinitely easier to deal with than a trem. Bigger frets than normal Fenders are great for slides and a really nice ebony fretboard is a plus. I think Jim specs out fantastic simple guitars that are really easy and fun to play.
Ease of Use
This is dead simple to get metal tones out of......EMGs, 25.5 in scale and an ebony board? If you can't rage with this guitar you're doing it wrong. Mahogany body with an 81/60 combo makes it tight and aggressive.This guitar is NOT my #1, as of yet......but I'm having a blast playing it and getting to know it. I've been punishing it for a few days non stop, and it's handling it well.I gave it a 4 on features just because of the lack of a tone knob. I honestly don't care and it was actually a selling point for me, but I know some people are going to. Keep in mind, it's a signature model and it's not what you might want, it's what he wanted. There are plenty of guitars out there with tone knobs for you to buy.
Seems well made.....fit and finish are good. No rough fret ends, everything seems to work. Had a little trouble changing strings the first time; I use 10-52s and the 52 didn't want to go through the tuner hole.....reamed it out a little bit and it worked just fine. Must have been the paint. No issues with input jack, no tuner issues other than mentioned above, nothing.I might swap the bridge out for a Hipshot, just because I really like those bridges and use them on all my Strat projects. Nothing wrong with this one at all, just personal preference. Seems like this guitar is going to last a while....feels solid.
Yup....I'd buy another again in a heartbeat. I took a chance on it because I'd never played one, and I'm glad. Fender has a great pedigree and I've never gone wrong buying their products. Jim's sig Strat is next in the buying line for me....I really like this guitar and figure that one would appeal to me as well.
Manufacturer Support
Never had to use CS on a Fender guitar.
The Wow Factor
Flat black just looks mean....brushed chrome EMGs floating there in the darkness looks cool. Painted bridge looks good.....I LOVE the bigger 70s style headstocks Jim is using on this and his Strat. Only gripe I might have is I wish the headstocks matched the body color, but you can't have everything and that's a personal opinion anyway. I might paint it, but it's growing on me.
Musical Background:
Semi professional, played in many bands, jam at home, write/collaborate with a few people.
Musical Style:
Blues, prog, metal, thrash
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Submitted March 25, 2016 by Khaled H in Brooklyn, NY, NY
"Great guitar but not worth the price tag..."
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I've owned the guitar for around a year now and I'm thinking of selling at already for a few reasons. Now dont get me wrongs, It's a great guitar with quality tone woods but it really wasn't built the way it should have been with a price tag like that. The first month of owning the guitar, The screws holding the pickups were falling out by themselves and so where the screws near the pickup selector aswell. The guitar sounds amazing overall and i was pleased with the amazing tone but more issues came down the road. About a month later, one of the tuners were coming loose too when i changed my strings! I don't know what it could have been because ther screws holding the tuners in place were not loose at all. Took the tuners out and put them back in tightly but still no luck. Could one of the holes in the headstock been overcut!? I have used Jim's Telecaster and that seemed to feel better and seemed to me more solid and well built even though it was made in Mexico. My overall review is that the guitar sounds like GOLD, i honestly don't see a guitar in the future that will have a clear, warm tone like this one. However, the guitar was poorly manufactured even though it is a USA mad Fender which surprised me. The guitar is ridiculously heavy! which isnt bad in most cases, It makes it great for recording buy might be a back paint over time if you're preforming. Those are really the only flaws... that and the PRICE. In my opinion, it's not worth the price because of the poor manufacturing. However, If you find this guitar for a hundreds of dollars less, then go for it. I do recommend the telecaster over this jazzmaster but if you're willing to use this kind of money on the guitar and not have a problem with fixing it up quite a bit before constant use, then be my guest. GOOD GUITAR, GOOD TONE. HIGH PRICE( unless you find it cheaper used) POOR MANUFACTURING. GUITAR IS GREAT, LAZY MANUFACTURERS.
Musical Background:
I've been a music freak for as long as i can remember. I play guitar, from blues to heavy metal. I jam, record, and preform.
Musical Style:
Hip-Hop, Blues, Heavy Metal mostly.
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Submitted October 12, 2014 by rene resendez in lancaster , CA
"sounds great but bulit poorly "
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
i loved this guitar the moment i held it in my hand but after playing with it non stop (shows and tour) for 2 months its already coming apart. the adjustment screw for the pickups keeps falling out causing the pickups to almost fall out. ive tried fixing it a few times but after a few days its back out again. the top screw for the strap lock stripped already and came out. to be completly honest if i could do it again i would just buy a reg american made jazz master and put in EMGs i feel the quality would be better. my advice dont buy it if you intend on playing it alot on the plus side the case is amazing
Musical Background:
touring musican, guitar bass and drums
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