Fender American Professional II Telecaster Electric Guitar, Maple Fingerboard (with Case)

This Telecaster has all the vintage twang -- with some modern upgrades, like V-Mod II Telecaster pickups and a push-pull control that activates series mode.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted January 23, 2024 by a customer from gmail.com

"Great American Tone"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I have never owned a Fender guitar in my 36 years of playing, in fact I never really liked them. Now, I know the reason is because I've obviously only ever played cheap junk. I always knew if I were to buy a Fender it would be a Telecaster because I just like the way they look. This guitar was flawless right out of the box, both in terms of appearance and playability. The photos do no justice to the Roasted Pine. The Photos make it look like raw unfinished wood compared to the high gloss seen in person. I can't begin to describe in detail every nuance of this guitar as most life-long Fender enthusiasts can but for a musician/guitarist that has owned and still owns many guitars, I am absolutely in love with the sound I get from this guitar that only single coil fenders can achieve. When I record Blues songs I usually have a couple guitars with single coil pickups that I go to for a certain sound but this guitar has put an end to that. The neck certainly gives the feeling of holding a sturdy and high quality instrument and it makes me play with a certain feel that I just don't do with my more thin/fast necks. I do love my thin, fast, flat necks but not for the feeling I create with this guitar playing more laid back melodic music. Also the push/push tone knob that changes the pickups to series wiring not only adds to the versatility but is very useful for dynamic changes mid song. I don't know if any other Fenders are known for this but it is my first experience and I already use it quite often while playing without missing a lick due to how quickly It can be pushed compared to push/pull knobs. The Maple fretboard is another feature I've always liked on guitars and just adds to the warm snappy tone. I can, without hesitation, say that I not only love this guitar but have been converted to a Fender Tele fan in the span of a week.
The sound is unmistakably Fender single coils and while it can be used for some heavier tones, this guitar shines when played with clean and light - mid saturated tones
Every component to this guitar is very high quality, from the hardware to all of the wood. I do wish it came with locking tuners but since they aren't really expensive, I changed them myself with genuine Fender locking tuners in about ten minutes
Ease of Use
Good clean and dirty blues tones are really easy to achieve with this guitar. Add a little reverb and it sounds amazing. Also Fender did a great job on the electronics with the ability to roll back the volume and retain the highs that are lost in every other guitar I own when doing this
This guitar screams high quality the second one picks it up. I have no doubt that this guitar will out live me with a little TLC and general maintenance
Worth every penny and that's before the $250. Dollar case in which it comes.
Manufacturer Support
I've had no reason to contact the mfg.
The Wow Factor
I thought I was getting that Tele sound from other guitars using single coil pickups but now I know that I was absolutely wrong. I still get great and usable tones from the other guitars but they just aren't the authentic tones produced by the real thing just as this guitar can't produce their tones
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