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ESP LTD Surveyor 87 Electric Bass

ESP LTD Surveyor 87 Electric Bass

Straight from ESP's 1987 catalog to your hands! The ESP LTD Surveyor 87 bass is a faithful recreation of the '87 Surveyor body style and 34" scale length.

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Submitted January 12, 2021 by a customer from gmail.com
"Fantastic Bass"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
First and foremost; the stock photos of the white do not do it justice. There’s a slight iridescence to it, and it’s guaranteed to look even better under stage lighting. It’s got a nice weight to it: not too heavy and not too light. It feels sturdy without being back-breaking. Playability out of the box was pretty good. I lowered the action a hair at the bridge and it now plays beautifully. The fretwork is impeccable and the neck is comfortable. I’m usually not a thin neck kind of guy, but this one is very easy on the hands. The Seymour Duncan pickups are wildly versatile. The P pickup is a bit on the dark side, but it packs a massive punch. The J pickup is bright and articulate without being harsh. Blending the two is probably the best of the PJ sets I’ve heard. Normally they kind get wimpy sounding... but here, no. You get the articulation of the J and the power of the P. Just what you’d want!Fit and finish is fantastic. The tuners, like another reviewer posted, can leave a little to be desired... they’re kind of flimsy, which for a $900 bass is kind of disappointing. That being said, mine hasn’t exhibited any issues as far as stability goes or anything like that. Overall, very happy with this purchase.
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Submitted December 5, 2020 by Andrew Ripley in Boiling Springs, SC
"A mixed bag..."
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
This bass is very polarizing to me. To start with the good, it's beautiful. The white has a slight sparkle to it that makes it drop dead gorgeous in person. Next, the neck is near perfect. It's a thin p-bass neck. So you get all the nice string spacing without having to grip a baseball bat. The fret work was also on point. It sounds amazing. The Seymour Duncan vintage pickups have an amazing tone and work exceptionally well with fuzz. The only downside is the p-bass pickup is micro-phonic. Some people like it but it's a bit of a turn off for me. Now for the bad, when this bass arrived it was filthy and did not include the tools. The lack of tools is an instant 10% restocking fee for zZounds due to a mistake made by ESP. Next, there were so many little details that should have been caught during inspection. Rough wood around the headstock and pickup screws were not screwed in (near string height) just to name a few. All of these issues above pail in comparison to the biggest issue, the tuners. Just judging by the shape they look like rebranded Wilkinson. Which makes the next bit all the more disappointing. When I received it, the E-string clover was falling off. To ESP's credit they are sending me a new one. However, there's still another issue. They slip all the time. When I leave it overnight, a few of the strings are nearly a semitone lower. I have to tune nearly every 15 minutes while playing. I'm still on the fence whether I will return this bass. I've emailed all these issues in to ESP and I hope they stand by their products and that this is just a lemon.
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Guitarist and Bassist for 15 years.
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Metal, Rock, Jazz, and Blues.
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