ESP LTD F Black Metal Electric Guitar

ESP LTD F Black Metal Electric Guitar

Express your darkest musical inspiration with this stylish model from the Black Metal series. A single EMG 81 active humbucker lends this axe a heavy sound.

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Submitted March 21, 2022 by Mikki LeFae in Colorado Springs, CO
"A Metal Beast"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Having been playing the F model, now, for a couple of weeks, I am impressed, something not easily done. Upon unboxing, tuning, and testing play, all that was needed... make the appropriate adjustment to eliminate a little fret buzz. The fit and finish is flawless, the look of the F screams METAL!!! The sound is amazing and it cuts through the mix. Playability is superb throughout the length of the neck.I had looked at the F on and off, being skeptical about a single pickup and a Floyd Rose, given the horror stories I've heard about tuning instabilities. However, my skepticisms proved unfounded. There is that unmistakable feel of a neck-through body guitar, unsurpassed by anything else, that cannot be matched. The F allows you to play it pretty, or as pretty as it gets with heavier, darker music or you can play it hard, dark, and dirty. The EMG 81 performs as you would expect and have come know, from the 81.The F's appearance, as I mentioned screams METAL. It has a sinister dark yet eloquent, (in a dark way), appearance, but will, definitely, catch the eye.
As I mentioned above, I was skeptical about a single pickup configuration. However, this guitar's sound cuts through the mix, whether running through a chord progression riff or laying down a solo run. It's clear, concise, and articulated, even saturated with distortion. Response is immaculate, for my playing style, which varies, depending on the song we're playing.
Other than the Floyd Rose, given that I don't use a tremolo unit but very seldom, everything else, is perfect for the guitar. Mahogany is iconic for tone wood. I love the extra jumbo frets, as I like to bend strings when soloing. The controls are laid out nicely, conveniently, on the body. It is a comfortable guitar to play... nicely balanced.
Ease of Use
Getting the sound you want is as easy and strumming or picking the strings. As with any guitar, a little dialing in, of the amp, and/or effects you're using, is always needed, given no two guitars have the same voice. It's fits seamlessly with what I use, (Marshall JVM410 through Marshall 1960 A and B cabs), and a few effects.
The F is solidly constructed. I see years of trouble-free playing. Cosmetically, this is a beautiful instrument.
In my humble opinion, it's worth the money. I would, were anything to happen to it, buy another one.
Manufacturer Support
I have not needed to consult the manufacturer.
The Wow Factor
The F is a very appealing guitar. It has a look, a vibe, that appeals to the darker side of you. It speaks to a part of you, that is seldom given voice.
Musical Background:
I've played guitar about 50 years or so, primarily rock, hard rock, and now Celtic Metal. Play rhythm/lead guitar and compose
Musical Style:
Rock, Hard Rock, Celtic Rock, Celtic Metal with Blood Rose.
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