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ESP LTD EC Black Metal Electric Guitar

ESP LTD EC Black Metal Electric Guitar

A bare-bones bruiser, the EC Black Metal model melts faces without all the fancy stuff. A single "Blackened" Black Winter pickup produces extreme output.

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Submitted October 3, 2020 by Luke Offield in ASHLAND, MO
"LTD Black Metal EC"
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Simply put: don't ask, just buy.
Clearly, I play heavy stuff. Otherwise I would likely not have been drawn to it. I'm sure if hard rock and ANY form of metal is your thing, this will do it without problems. It's lightweight but has the tonal body of a heavier guitar. The fretboard is smooth and responsive and the balance of the guitar is such that it just seems to hang right where it should. It's extremely comfortable. The Black Winter pickup might not be everyone's cup of tea. I really like it as it is very strong in the midrange with detailed highs. That being said, the low-end suffers a bit with this pickup and it has maybe a tad too much output. Mostly, through all of my amps (Randall, Mesa, Fryette, Crate, etc.) I can easily find my sound with minimal dialing-in.
I love the simplicity of the guitar. One pickup. One volume pot. Just plug in and go. Nuff said. This might be a hindrance for some. Especially those who rely upon a neck pickup for leads. I do not so, a bare set of controls doesn't phase me in the least. I did replace the stock pot and output jack with USA-made stuff (CTS/Switchcraft) just for reliability's sake. The tuners, graphite nut, and other hardware work in tandem to create a very stable instrument. Hardly ever needs tuning. I have it setup for C# Standard and it handles that just fine. I think I've only ever had to adjust the neck twice, and I've owned it for over a year.
Ease of Use
Like I said, with simplicity being its core feature, it is very easy to get where you need to go. Works excellent with any pedal I've ran it through and all of my amps seem to love it. The highs can maybe get a bit jagged out of some amps. But mostly, this thing just roars no matter what rig you're using.
Construction quality is hands-down amazing. Fit, finish, feel, it's all there. Right out of the box it simply "felt" like a great guitar. It quickly became my main go-to for metal because it always just "works." I don't have to mess with anything, just power up and KILL.
This guitar punches above its weight class. They could tack on $200 more and it would still be worth it. If it were stolen, I would not hesitate to buy another (and also hunt down and kill the bastard who took it). To have a guitar so comfortable, so reliable, and sounds so great, has a value beyond its market.
Manufacturer Support
I have not had to contact the manufacturer for any reason, hence me giving that section only 3 stars. I have no frame of reference to judge it otherwise.
The Wow Factor
I've read several other review where people stated, 'if you're considering this, just go ahead and get it because you won't regret the decision." With this, I wholeheartedly agree. That's really the best thing I can say. If you've looked at this more than twice, you should've already bought it. It will not let you down.
Musical Background:
Musician of 30 years, many live shows, constantly in the studio.
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Submitted November 5, 2019 by Vic S in Wantagh, NY
"My Favourite"
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I've been playing for ages, started out young. I had never owned a guitar that matches my personality.I will own the 7 string Viper one day as back up. This guitar is perfect from start to finish. I want to thank zZounds for being excellent with their customer service.
Musical Background:
21 years.
Musical Style:
Cross blends
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Submitted April 22, 2018 by Max W in Baltimore, MD
"Blacker than the blackest black times infinity"
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Where to even start with this beautiful top quality instrument? Right out of the box, it's worth noting just how black it really is. It almost reminds me of the old grey monotone Les Paul just, black. The macassar ebony isn't true ebony but it's still pretty in its own way. My fretboard is dark enough though so don't worry about it not being traditional ebony. The neck shape is not a thin U shape. The EC1000 is a thin U. While the build quality certainly is the same as the EC1000, the Black Metal's neck is more of a D shape. Trust me, I don't hate it, it's actually a good different, nice and comfortable. The tuning I play in is A# F A# D# G C with 13-56 gauge strings and this guitar took that extremely well without much adjustment. The Black Winter Duncan is very hot. Handles high gain death metal very well. Sounds nice and wet, perfect pickup for this guitar. If even for a second you've contemplated getting a this guitar but didnt, just do it. I too was on the fence about it since it was teased like a year ago but I'm definitely glad I got it. The I only thing I'm still trying to get used to is not having the pickup ring to anchor onto when I'm picking. Other than that, buy it. Also, the clean tones are a bit cleaner than I had expected. Really let's you dig in to your tubes for some crunch when you want it.
Musical Background:
Been playing guitar since I was about 10 or so.
Musical Style:
North American death metal.
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