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ESP LTD EC-1000S Fluence Electric Guitar

ESP LTD EC-1000S Fluence Electric Guitar

Powered by Fishman Fluence humbuckers for unmatched clarity and articulation with low noise, the ESP LTD EC-1000S electric guitar excels at high-gain music.

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Submitted November 23, 2018 by Juan B in Fort Collins, CO
"Great guitar."
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I’ve always wanted an eclipse series and after waiting for so long, I finally found one with pickups I won’t have to change out(sorry, not a fan of emg). I definitely dig the feel of the neck and fingerboard on this thing. I’ve always loved playing on the ec-1000 and with the fluence pickups the sound equals the feel to me. If you’re a fan of the old round back necks like Gibson makes then this will probably have a small learning curve on it. I prefer the esp feel and tone. I play metal and the pickups give me the right amount of growl and crispness that I really felt were lacking in the older models. With it being an LP shape the warmth and resonance really stand out on my triple rec and the set thru neck gives it great sustain. This guitar is set up beautifully out of the box. Just a minor tune up and I was ripping it. I can not get over the ease of playability on it. That has to be my favorite part of this guitar. I can play trem stuff barre chords and all things in between for hours and not even break a sweat. Thanks esp keep up the great work. My only fault with this thing, and it’s purely preference, is the painted neck. I loved the matte black version but the pickups far outweigh the neck issues.
Esp lp style with pickups that don’t sound like rusty chainsaw farts. What else do you need?
It’s not too flashy on the features. Pretty simple. Guitar with pickups, a bridge, some strings and a few knobs. Nothing out of the ordinary. I appreciate the dual volume knob. I’m sure someone out there would have wanted dual tone, but I primarily use one pickup so it does the job for. The features it has are pretty standard, but they’re essential and work to perfection.
Ease of Use
Probably my favorite aspect of this instrument. I can play all day and night and feel like going more. I’ve owned for about 6 months now and I haven’t gotten tired of it. Very playable.
Excellent quality. Setup very nicely out of the box. Quick tune and I was rippin. I’ve had it 6 months now and haven’t noticed any decline in craftsmanship or overall quality. Only things I’ve done to it. Very nice.
I feel like the only real difference on this are the pickups and they alone are driving the price up $200. Seems steep to me, but I wasn’t devastated by the price either. Not my idea of a steal, but definitely worth it.
Manufacturer Support
Called them once to see what locking tuners were. They actually explained them to me and how to properly use them patiently and even walked me through it. Pretty damn solid lol
The Wow Factor
I’ve always loved esp eclipse series and this is even better because it’s mine now lol the wow factor for me is the fact that I have a solid, well built, reliable guitar that sounds great and looks incredible and I didn’t pay over $1000 for it.
Musical Background:
Been playing bass and guitar for a over a decade. Black and death metal. In a band and at home.
Musical Style:
Black metal, death metal.
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Submitted March 4, 2019 by Nicholas Madison in Fairview, OR
"Great guitar"
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Although it came a week late that's more do to the shipping provider given I received an email when it went out. This guitar is great!!! I love the way it plays and with the fluence pickups it in my opinion has a louder sound and more gain than emg. This is my first experience with the Fishman but so far loving them. Anyway if you want a guitar that plays as great as it looks and not trying to break the bank I highly recommend this.
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Submitted July 5, 2020 by Anthony W in Tavares, FL
"3rd times a charm"
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I love this guitar. It stays in tune, sounds amazing, very light body and feel. I did get two damaged initially and had to return them for a third but it's flawless and has been an excellent addition to my guitars. Always been a fan of ESP wasn't really a fan of cheaper end LTD versions but this thing is great. No complaints. I did tweak the truss rod a quarter turn because I run 11/52s and drop tune to C# but with a few adjustments this is now my favorite guitar.
Musical Background:
Professional full time musician
Musical Style:
Black MetalDeath MetalThrash Metal
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