ESP LTD ARROW-NT Arctic Metal Electric Guitar

Blasted with a chilly, snow-white finish, the angular Arctic Metal Arrow-NT conjures beastly tone from its single EMG 81TW active humbucker with kill switch.

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    5 out of 5 stars
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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted May 4, 2023 by Mikki Kennedy-Lefae in Colorado Springs, CO

"The Arrow NT Arctic Metal Guitar"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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The Arrow is a Metal Beast. Much to my surprise, the single 81TW delivers intense sound. I am not a fan of single coil pickups and given the 81 is splitable, I was, I must say, dubious. However, I was joyously surprised and impressed, by the sound of the TW in split-mode. The sound is searing when soloing and cuts through the mix, easily. Given the fact, we're a Celtic Metal Band, cleans aren't, really, a necessity, but where needed, the 81TW handles them quite well.Fit and finish are flawless, setup was good... other than changing out strings to .10's, (my preference), it was good to go. The neck is fast, playability is spot on. It responds to pick attack, and your sound reflects this. I am an aggressive player, so it has handled everything I have dished out and begged for more. You can chug with the best of them with this guitar. The smaller footprint is nice, comfortable, and easier to manage.It is a Neck-Through-Body, with String Through Body guitar. This Arrow has sustain for days... I am immensely pleased with this guitar. It screams metal, in appearance. It will look great on stage, to say the least. You cannot go wrong with this guitar. A single pickup isn't for everyone, but this is my second guitar configured as such. I have an ESP F Black Metal guitar.Straight up, it is an amazing instrument, well worth its price and more. But don't take my word for it, get one for yourself, you will not regret it.
this guitar has an amazing sound. But, you're talking about EMG's. Although it's an 81TW, it's all there and more. The sound is up to you, in that, what pedals you're using, how you EQ your amp, and EQ your pedal(s). Dial in your settings and play, this guitar will not disappoint. It will chug with the best of them, scream and sear the air, and just about anything in between. Plenty of lows, good mids, and great highs.
I would need to say, great thought went into the design, as it is solid through and through. Neck-Through-Body, String-Through-Body, are the by-words of construction, for the best sound, sustain, and solid performance. The neck is fast and comfortable.
Ease of Use
With this guitar, it was tune, and play. That easy, that simple.
The Arrow is solid, from stem to stern. I don't see needing to do anything for years and years, other than replace a battery now and then.
Yes, I have looked at other makes of guitars, at this price point, and they didn't offer what the Arrow does.
Manufacturer Support
Haven't had any need to deal with ESP for any reason.
The Wow Factor
They say, it's not the instrument, but the musician. For me, it was more of an aesthetic desire, as I have great guitars, already.

Musical Background:

I've played guitar abo 50+ years or so, primarily rock, hard rock, and now Celtic Metal. Play rhythm/lead guitar and compose

Musical Style:

Celtic Metal.
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