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Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO Electric Guitar

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO Electric Guitar

Bust out your best jazz licks on the Emperor-II PRO. This Joe Pass signature model features Epiphone ProBucker pickups for hearty vintage tone.

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Submitted July 6, 2019 by Jerry C in Southwest, PA
"Good Deal, Great Guitar"
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Looking for an affordable jazz box, one that had a lot of "air" around the notes, had that "amp in the other room" woody, sound. This one is it. Replaced the stock strings with flat wound chrome 11's. There's the sound I wanted! Volume and tone knobs dimed on the guitar, 50 watt tube amp (lots of headroom), volume as high as you can without feedback, Bass-7,Mid-7,Treb-3-4, Rev-3, Pres-1-2. The tones that I was looking for.
Love the pickups. Hot enough for my liking. Split coil may come in handy. Real interesting tones when alternately splitting coils while using both pickups.
Ease of Use
The action out of the box was really good. A little concerned after I replaced the strings. Had to raise the height of the first three strings. Easy enough. Had a little more bow in the neck than I care for after I changed the strings. Left the guitar in an air conditioned room overnight. The action was PERFECT in the morning. No truss rod adjustments needed. I like a low action.
The quality out of the box was perfect. There was a very small smudge on the finish on the back of the guitar where it must have rubbed the packing bag during shipment in the box. I honestly don't know how that could ever be avoided. Anyhow, a little polish and it was gone. This guitar is beautiful! Was gonna wait till July for a wine red model. So glad I didn't and got this one! Absolutely beautiful color combination. Much nicer in person. I know sunburst guitars probably all differ a little bit in color. The colors on mine seem to blend very nicely. Beautiful five-layer bindings all around. The tuners seem smooth and even while adjusting. The grooves in the nut look even and true. The "C" shaped neck fits my hand ( a little small) fine. No complaints about the hardware. Knobs turn smoothly. Huge headstock. I'm sure it makes a big contribution to the sound too.
Compared prices on similar guitars made by different manufacturers. Have always heard a lot of good reviews about Epis, never owned one before. The price for this model was comparable. Used the 6 month "play while u pay" financing. Very easy, no credit checks to affect the credit score for a luxury item. No interest either. I like it.
Manufacturer Support
Haven't had reason to find out. Hopefully, it stays that way. No comment
The Wow Factor
Great looking guitar, Looks very vintage, very " rich", for such an affordable instrument.
Musical Background:
Playing guitars for fifty plus years. Have played professionally. Play for enjoyment now.
Musical Style:
Rock, blues, light jazz, easy listening.
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Submitted August 25, 2018 by Phil S in Tacoma, WA
"Good Guitar"
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Excellent guitar at its price point. Easy to play nut to 20th fret. Very good contemporary jazz sound with a set of D'Addario ECG24s. I had to tighten 3 tuner nuts, adjust the truss rod to get rid of the hump in the neck and set the intonation by adjusting the bride. All easy tasks and to be expected on most electric guitars.
Musical Background:
Played guitar 20+ years, bass 1 year, keyboards 6 months.
Musical Style:
Jazz. Kind of between contemporary jazz and smooth jazz.
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Submitted January 6, 2017 by Rex S in Milwaukee, WI
"Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-ll PRO Guitar"
first of all I was inspired by seeing the guitar, and decided to check it out. I was impressed at the quality tone and feel for this type of arch-top.
Musical Background:
active player 30 years, guitar have played in nights. and other entertaining events.
Musical Style:
blues, jazz, funk rock
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Submitted July 26, 2019 by Dee H in Houston, TX
"Great guitar, very good value"
Very well made, great sounding guitar. If you want a deep hollow body electric it fits the bill perfectly and at a reasonable price. The body's not as deep as on the gibson super 400 or L5 designs that inspired it, but it has a very well rounded, deep body guitar sound. You may want to consider these jazz style guitars feed back even moderate volume levels, so if you play loud rock you may want to try one out in-person first. The tuners are top quality. Fit and finish in general are excellent. Epiphone improved all the electronics on their mid-priced electric guitars after around 2005 so now the quality's basically advanced amateur to professional level. It's an all-laminate construction guitar, but then so are the gibson es-335 and es-175. The full Epiphone warranty's a plus if you come across any glitches. The only reason i don't rate it even higher's there are so many well-made guitars of this design and at this price point out there now to choose from. You should try to play a guitar model in-person to see if it suits your comfort level and playing style before you buy it on-line.
Musical Background:
I play pretty much everything, but as a hobby, for 2 decades.
Musical Style:
rock, pop, classic rock, hip hop
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