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Epiphone SG Prophecy Electric Guitar

Epiphone SG Prophecy Electric Guitar

Epiphone takes this SG to a higher plane with the Fishman Fluence-equipped Prophecy model. 24 jumbo frets on an ebony fretboard make this an easy player.

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Submitted March 29, 2021 by a customer from cox.net
"Should Have been WAY Better"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I was really looking forward to this guitar after seeing them when they first popped up for pre-order. I buy 1-2 Epiphones a year for my collection and usually get the ones that are a bit unique or are signature guitars. The Epiphone quality over the past 5 years has been phenomenal and the resale value of these guitars has been solid. Unfortunately, this guitar was the worst quality Epiphone I've ever owned, and I have owned 20 or so.On paper the specs are amazing. Fishman Fluence pickups, 24-fret ebony fretboard, block inlays, flamed maple veneer top, etc. All of those amazing features for jam packed into a $899 price point provides a tremendous value. The quality must be where they had to cut corners.The Issues:Lopsided Nut: First off, the nut is too short on the high E side. Looking down the neck you can clearly see the nut slope from left to right. This causes the first fret to completely choke out. I tried raising the bridge as high as I could (knowing this would be fruitless but hoping for the best) and it made the note better but it still has no sustain and does not ring out like it should. The nut will need to be replaced and now my factory Epiphone will be one that is modded, substantially reducing its value.Bad Wiring: The wiring for the pickups is loose in the treble setting so the sound goes in and out. Opening up the back cavity I found they had to really pack all the wires and electronics in to make it fit in the small cavity. I suck at soldering so I'm going to have to have my guitar tech fix this issue.Sharp Fret Ends: I've never had a neck with binding have sharp fret ends...until now. After a couple minutes playing, my index finger on my left hand is shredded from the frets. I'll have to file and polish them in order to make the guitar playable.Neck Dive: As one might expect, an SG with 24-frets will be prone to neck dive. The Toni Iommi Epiphone 24-fret SG circumvented this by putting the strap button on the horn of the body rather than the back of the guitar by the bottom of the neck. Result the Prophecy SG dives like its a submarine trying to escape an enemy battleship.Overall: When I received this guitar I unboxed it to make sure nothing was broken, put it in its new case and put it with my collection. Unfortunately, I did not do a full evaluation or this guitar would have immediately gone straight back to zZounds. Unfortunately, I did not get around to it until a few weeks ago and now its unreturnable. I'm going to contact Epiphone and see if they will make this right.
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