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Epiphone Exclusive Firebird Electric Guitar

Epiphone Exclusive Firebird Electric Guitar

Hot, smoldering tone could be yours with our exclusive Firebird. This high-flying Epiphone includes FB720 pickups that recreate vintage Firebird sounds.

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Submitted February 13, 2021 by a customer from rocketmail.com
"They have done it right. Allmost to right"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I eas in the market for a Firebird but did not like the Gibson bird without banjo tuners and the cheap out headstock so I elected for a Epi instead. Now..rather procure a few more VRS a single Gibson.I ordered mine as a Blem and must say..once again as Ive bought Blems before.Their was NOTHING WRONG with this bird.I suspect the original buyer did not like the color and returned it with claiming blemish as the excuse. Nothing was blemished. Ive expirienced this before with Kramers purchest here. The finish is..well pretty much army drab olive green as the color name states.. Looks ready kool and diffrent. It will grow on one even if one dont like the photos and reveiw vids. The set up is good. The fret work is SUPURB. And the fit and funish is top quality surpassing the dredded bankrupt era american Gibsons. And equal to todays. Sounds like a bird should. Little bright. They all were since day one in 1963. The vibratory impeadence is very long and strong even unplugged. Ive allready ordered a blank truss cover. The Orange drop caps work with hi fi quality as the roll off is full ranged. Very pleased. Hey freinds with all respects please stop returning stuff as blems due to other personal reasons. Zzounds dont deserve that.This offering of the new firebird is allmost to good for their own good. So good I shall buy another instead of the Gibson firebird. Buy far the best of the Gibson inspired series. My other guitars are jelouse and wont let this bird rack with just yet. They will adapt. Serouosly. This is a must have . And yes.......The G***** 2020 Firebird truss cover fits exactly if that is a factor to you. Mine shall be blank for other reasons. Enjoy rhis axe and thank you once again zZounds for filling my rack this last year with the best products with time payable payments and a great staff. ~ MOJAMA SIXX
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