Epiphone Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar (with Case)

Complete with a Gibson-style "open book" headstock and authentic 490/498 pickups, this Epiphone Les Paul Custom is an affordable version of the real thing.


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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted April 4, 2024 by a customer from live.com

"A Rock Solid Alternative"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Nice fit & finish. Case is solid, possibly a little more sturdy and polished than older Epiphone cases. Clasps seem sturdier and case material better quality than some Epiphone cases I have experienced. I am writing a few points that I was thinking about before purchase that I have not seen info on. Most will be familiar with the Pickups, Bridge, Tuners, etc. All hardware seems appropriate to me. Binding looks nice, inlays are Mother of Pearl (a nice touch that could have been skipped) nice weight. Ebony board feels great, fret ends 98.9%. Maybe 2 were a little sharp, however, I will re-evaluate this weekend as I am in New England and the guitar shipped Cold! Needs to warm to home temperature and settle. Shipped with 10's. A little heavy for me and will change to 9's. Headstock looks great and guitar played well out of the box, again, considering it was cold.I feel one important feature of this guitar is the price. At $1400.00 (after tax is added) its not a cheap instrument. But, I feel it is in a price range that you wouldn't be hesitant to take it to a gig or play live. Sometimes, the higher end guitar, the less use it gets. Hope this helps out.
Sounds and feels like a Les Paul! I've never played a Custom, but this is very nice to me.
With the majority being same as Custom hardware, I have no complaints.
Ease of Use
Very playable out of box. Will get set up after string change to lighter gauge.
Well made. I feel these will appreciate in value also.
I understand the current conversation about Epiphone price "creep" getting out of hand. I do not feel you could get close to a Gibson Custom at this price point. Even the 1959 Outfit Les Pauls have jumped in price since their release. And let's face it, Inflation isn't going down anytime soon.
Manufacturer Support
zZounds are the BEST!
The Wow Factor
I have always liked the Les Paul Custom since beginning playing in the 80's. This is probably the closest I will get. And that is OK with me!
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