Epiphone PRO-1 Classic Nylon-String Classical Acoustic Guitar

Loaded with such player-friendly features as a super-comfortable neck, low action, and JumboPRO frets, the PRO-1 Classic makes playing comfort a priority.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted March 1, 2021 by a customer from gmail.com

"My Honest Review About Epiphone PRO-1 Classical Guitar"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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First of all, I wanted to review this guitar for two reasons.1.- There are not too many reviews online about this particular guitar2.- This guitar deserves to be reviewed in detailI have high dollar guitars kept in their cases and I don't normally open them to do my daily practice sessions with them. I have 2 budget guitars (including this Epiphone), and I use them to practice everyday. I don't want to worry too much about not getting them scratched or anything like that, that's the reason I keep them out of their cases, for daily practice.I'd like to start by saying that Epiphone is a good brand and that's the reason I decided to buy this guitar. I've had some discussions with other friends in which some of them do not agree Epiphone is a reliable brand. I believe they are not only reliable, but also long lasting (I've had an electric Epiphone that I've used for years and never had a problem whatsoever).The guitar is well made, the top is cedar (not very common in budget guitars), body, neck and sides are mahogany (common in budget guitars with a beautiful finish), fingerboard is rosewood (great quality for guitars)The fretboard looks reddish (I'm not a fan of red looking fretboards), but it's solid and smooth.The fretboard is thin and does not compare with most classical guitars. I personally like it because it's different from all the guitars I have, and it's very easy to play, specially when it comes to using certain chords that require to stretch the fingers a little more.The quality of the sound is acceptable.If I have to describe the sound it will be something like this10 - High dollar guitars (Luthier made, or expensive guitars)1 - Most budget guitars you find in the market these days.This guitar is definitely a 2 or 3 which is awesome. The sound is warm, not so bright and not so loud, but it definitely caught my attention because I have to say that the sound is above most budget guitars you find these days.Epiphone is without a doubt focused on craftmanship, appearance and quality. I enjoy playing this guitar because it met my expectations and after changing the strings the sound improved 100%. Machine heads are low quality, I recommend upgrading them as soon as possible, you will be a lot happier I say, other than that, I am very pleased with my instrument and I'm planning to use it everyday and enjoy it fully.Price is affordable $129.00 (really good price, you don't find a deal like this for a very good quality guitar)Final questions:Do I recommend this guitar?Yes I do 100%.If I have to buy another similar guitar, would I buy this guitar again?Yes for that price, I definitely would.Do you recommend this guitar for beginners and intermediate guitarists?Most definitely.Is there something that I don't like about the guitar?Machine heads.Prices matches the quality?You get a good quality guitar for a low price.Am I pleased with the sound?Yes I am.Final words.Great product, great price, great quality.
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