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EMG Retro Active Fat 55 Electric Guitar Pickup Set

EMG Retro Active Fat 55 Electric Guitar Pickup Set

Experience killer vintage PAF tone with the added modern enhancement of an external preamp, providing a low-impedence output with very little hum and noise.

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Submitted March 6, 2019 by Iron Label Official in Universal City, TX
"Best Pickup EMG Has Ever Made"
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Just installed the zebra set in my Les Paul Prophecy EX and, wow! This is the best sounding set of pickups I have ever installed in a guitar! The clarity and gain structure is second to none. When playing clean, you can hear everything, all the way down to the pick impacting the strings, helping create a nicely percussive sound and giving you that clean tone you've been longing for. Dirty, these pickups push you further into the territory of sonic, god-level, overdriven greatness!!! Pinch harmonics are much easier to attain and are supremely clear! All-in-all, I'd say these pickups resemble a Hot-Rodded Duncan that was hot-rodded even further! I've found no style of music that these can't handle. Give em a shot. You won't regret it.
Musical Background:
25yr player with extensive gigging experience.
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Submitted December 31, 2017 by evan north
"Blues to Classic rock."
I swapped the EMG 81/60 set in my LTD ec1000fr for the EMG fat 55 set as the 81/60 set was way too brittle and crunchy for my tastes. The Fat 55 set was a straight swap thanks to the solderless connectors and took all of 15 minutes to install. The result was a more classic (for me) sound with the tones that I was looking for. Smoother mids and highs with more enough crunchy power to the bottom end too. More than enough power for harder rock styles and easily tamed via picking dynamics and dialling down the volume knob. Clean tone are much improved too. The only drawback (for some users) is the lack of coil tap/phase reversal.
Musical Background:
20+ years on and off.
Musical Style:
Rock and blues
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