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Electro-Harmonix Tri-Parallel Mixer

Electro-Harmonix Tri-Parallel Mixer

Run up to three effects loops in parallel and create unconventional sounds with the parallel mixing capabilities of the Electro-Harmonix Tri-Parallel mixer.

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Submitted December 29, 2019 by Michael L in Mountain View, CA
"This Mixer Pedal is a game changer "
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I got this EHX Mixer pedal with a EHX Mod11 . I watched some You Tube videos to really get a feel of what this Mixer could do , and didn't really pay attention to the only negative comment on this product . This Mixer sounded pretty cool stacking pedal tones on each other making awesome unique tones , or running all three tones individually is a nice option too . So of course I had to have it my effects chain ASAP . This Mixer unit really makes a difference with my Modulation pedals being parallel instead of a daisy chain series configuration .At first my excitement of hooking this unit got me kinda confused on how to get the right settings all tuned right . There's alot of tuning knobs to consider. But once you get the Send and Return and EQ knob mixes for all three effects loops just right it really just makes the pedals alot brighter in tone and sound amazing in series with the Dry out going to my other pedals . I basically have my guitar plugged into a Behringer pedal Tuner , then I have both Tuner outs going into a Boss EQ - 200 in stereo , then the left EQ out is going into my Distortion overdrive chain Behringer pedals in sequence like EQ , Noise gate ,Compressor ,Tube OD ,Tube Monster OD , Tube Amp Modeler , Ultra Metal , Vintage Delay , EHX Cathedral , then into a Generic Amp at the moment soon to upgrade lol. Then my right EQ out is going into my new EHX Mixer in . I have a Behringer Vintage Phaser in normal phase position , in Loop 1. Behringer Phaser in shwooshing tone 2 , and DigiTech Mosaic together in Loop 2. EHX MOD 11 in Loop 3 set to Filter mode . Then I have the Dry out from the mixer going into a daisy chain into a Behringer Ultra Chorus in , Stereo out into a Behringer Digital FX , Behringer Digital Reverb in stereo going Into a Behringer 90 Watt Acoustic Amp . When I turn both Amps on in stereo , turn the Mod 11 on mixed with the both Phasers , DigiTech Mosaic ,turn on Ultra Chorus and Digital FX in Flanger mode all together ,Then I turn my Cathedral on , on the other side of my effects chain I get " The Police " Kinda of EHX Electric Mistress sounds , but ALOT more layered sounding being in stereo . The mix of my Reverb and Over drive on my left side pedal chain really mixes well with my right side modulation chain . Just have to add another Amp behind me in my studio , and it will be in a 3D surround sound configuration . I'm really happy with this Mixer . I'm thinking about getting a couple more of them , and would recommend them .
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Playing since 7 , Guitar , Saxaphone , Jam at home mostly
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Metal , Rock , Pop , Ska , Country
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Submitted July 30, 2019 by George Smith
"Tri parallel mixer problem"
I received this unir about.2 weeks ago and was using it to mix a key 9, b9, mel 9 &synth 9 and send the signal out to a second amp.The unit was just what I was looking for and did a great job of combining the signals but one day i powered up my system and there was a strange noise which I determined was coming from the mixer so I shut it down and re powered the system and the mixer fired up with all the led lit. I did a factory reset umplugging power and holdind loop1 & 3 buttons down and plugging it back in and it worked again.After I got done I shut power off and when I came back to play again I powered up and the same thing all 4 led were on and the unit wad not operating so I did another factory reset and the unit worked again. Every time i want to use the unit I have to reset it, it is supposed to remember your previous settings and upon powering back up go to those settings but it is not doing that. I put a call in to EHX and spoke to an engineer there and he told me they are aware of this and are working to fix this problem. In the mean time I have to return my unit for a refund and wait till EHX e mails me that the software has been revised so I could repurchase a revised unit.I would hold off on purchasing this product untill they fix the problem
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