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Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy Delay Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy Delay Pedal

The baby brother of EHX's Memory Boy delay pedal, the Memory Toy offers up to 550 ms of analog delay with feedback and a Modulation switch for lush chorus.

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Submitted December 17, 2018 by a customer from gmail.com in Redding, CA
"Set and Forget"
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What a pedal. The memory toy is a really great analog delay for the price. It was very easy to find a delay setting that works for the majority of songs I play without much adjustment. At about noon or eleven on the delay control with feedback set to two or three o'clock and blend at about one o'clock you can get That fast Slapback heard on another brick in the wall. It has a bit of chorus built into the mod switch which is also subtle, but very clear when using clean tones. The only problem with this pedal is that it is very quiet. No matter where I place it in my chain it quiets my other effects as soon as it is stomped. It can make some transitions very akward especially when using distortion as it cuts the volume down in a way which you would need a volume pedal to compensate. I have not tried it in an Fx loop however, and feel that put the signal in the pre amp stage would be significantly better. Other then being very quite it is quite a pedal.
It is very lush, and full sounding very simple range of delay only up to 550ms I believe, but very quiet. Most likely needs to be placed into the fx loop of an amp as it drasticaly lowers the volume of your sound when engaged on top of anything else. Overall It is great for Alternative, Mathcore, Psychedelic rock as the feedback knob can create an almost infinite looped layer of delay if fully saturated.
The least, but most desirable feature is the blended chorus mod switch on the pedal. Its too subtle to notice when playing dirty, but when playing clean it gives a good push to the pedal. The toggle for the mod is in A pretty good spot as well as you can easily flip it with the tip of your shoe.
Ease of Use
The learning curve is Intuitive to say the least save for the feedback knob. You can intially dial in a sound, and just leave it there. It is very quiet, and dies not play well with other effects when engaged on top of them. As stated above I reckon it needs to be In an fx loop rather then the front of the amp for maximum clarity.
Very well made American pedal. Its got a metal chassis, and all the washers, and knobs are on very solid. I feel like the only way this pedal will malfunction will be from 20+ years of abuse or some freak power failure that fries it. Or any other volatile use. If used properly this pedal can be given to My great grandchildren some day most likely.
100% other then being a quiet pedal it is a great entry analog for someone building a pedalboard, as well as for experts as it can be dialed in very precisely.
Manufacturer Support
No, but they have a good warranty and a reputatuon of reliability.
The Wow Factor
It is very appealing. I could write music without it, but I would rather not.
Musical Background:
10 years guitar, and bass experience currently doing home production and session work
Musical Style:
indie, Alternative/New wave, blues, rock, and some metal
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Submitted February 5, 2016 by a customer from gmail.com in San Diego, CA
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Awesome! if the delay time of up to 550ms is what your looking for. As I realized after playing around with it,I needed around 850ms or more for the application that I intended to use it for. This is one of those simple but great analog delay pedals that you could just set it and forget it kinda a thing. Overall I highly recommend it,as for me, I sent it back only due to lack of longer delay time. Hope to see a newer version of this without changing its size and price(ye right!)...
Musical Background:
25+yrs mostly live playin.
Musical Style:
almost all,or wherever loud guitar is needed!
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Submitted February 27, 2016 by Brian Flannery in Philadelphia, PA
"A superior delay"
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I've played a lot of delays in my time but this one really stands out above the rest. Notes are super bright and clear and the blend option is fun to play with.
Musical Background:
21 years
Musical Style:
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