Eden WTP600 World Tour Pro Bass Amplifier Head (600 Watts)

Eden WTP600 World Tour Pro Bass Amplifier Head (600 Watts)

The 5-stage parametric EQ, built-in compressor and tube mix controls of the Eden WTP600 let you dial in your perfect bass tone, straight from the amp.

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Submitted October 8, 2015 by Charles S in St. Louis, MO
"38 years of playing and I have found my amp!!"
I upgraded my bass rig from a SWR SM400 and Carvin 210 cab to this head and a Eden 410XLT cabinet. All I can say is buy it if you are thinking about it. I can get any tone I want in just a matter of seconds. The amp runs cool and the eq section is very responsive. The compressor is about as good as you get even if you purchased an external one. The second tube adds a nice amount of gain and warmth. Both my Warwick fretless and Ibanez 1605E's personalities are projected and well defined. Right now I am looking at adding a nice Crown power amp only to increase the output power at large events with no PA. I think the difference with this amp and the old WT series is that the WTP 600's preamp can be feed to an external amp. What a great piece of engineering....
Musical Background:
37 years of playing. I have played professionally and I have recorded. Working on my projects in my home studio these days
Musical Style:
Blues, jazz, rock, R&B, folk and anything else that I like
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Submitted September 3, 2017 by Robert W in Seattle , WA
"Great amp "
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I replaced my ampeg Svt 3pro for this. Kept both amps running thru my Ampeg heritage 410 hlf cab. . First this head is definitely under rated. 600watts but yet my 450 watt svt 3 could get just as loud without peaking like this one does. (Yes I have the correct ohm setting.lol) I ended up having to rocking the Eden preamp pedal in addition with this to really get the tone I wanted (which ended up sounding fantastic!) but I had to use both compressor and set the one on the amp like a limiter because if I didn't get maximum gain level I'd have no headphone on the power amp side. This thing pumps the low end! Low frequency is 10hz and the frequency selector only goes to 30... kind of left me wishing I had the grapnic of my svt 3pro because it's impossible to dial in the way I want. The entire eq section of this is way too touchy. Even before I got the preamp pedal I couldn't increased more than 5db to any frequency without setting the Eq limit light off. But alas perhaps I'm just trying to get ampeg tone out of a Eden. . I will say the DI is flawlessly quiet! Seriously, A+. I run single coil pickups and always had issue. If I turned and faced or just angled certain directions at my svt 3pro id get huge buzz. This one is crazy quiet. I'm keeping this as a good backup amp. But I'm purchasing the svt 4pro to give me the tone and headroom I want. I would have gone for the wtp900 but it's bridged at 8ohms instead of 4 like the Svt4 does. American fender jazz deluxe | Ampeg Svt 3pro | Eden WTP600 | Ampeg heritage 410hlf | Pigtronix philosopher compressor | Ehx Enigma | Ehx Blurst | Ehx Neo Clone | Red Witch Zeus | Eden preamp pedal | Eden californiwah |
Musical Background:
12 years, bass, professional gigging musician.
Musical Style:
Reggae, Funk, Rock, psychedelic
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