DR Strings Hi-Def Neon Colored Electric Guitar Strings

Give your guitar a facelift with these glowing strings. DR's Neon HiDef SuperStrings are round-wound and nickel-plated to sound as good as uncoated strings.

Submitted August 4, 2011 by a customer from yahoo.com

"Awesome looks...High price!"

Overall: 2.5 out of 5 stars
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I was satisfied for 2 weekend shows with the GREEN.....Before the First Show was over, with the ORANGE...I was very disappointed!
The strings sound pretty good...I tried the GREEN & ORANGE...Both packs the low E string had a dead sound..Didn't have the tone as the other strings.
FEATURES...The NEON color is cool...Love the way it looks on stage with lights...Had no problems with the GREEN.... The ORANGE where I use the pick....PAINT CAME OFF...also where the string lays on fret...paint came off...very disappointed..
Ease of Use
Strings....everyone has their own opinion...The dead string killed the tone I seek.
As above..the paint wore off of the ORANGE strings when it came into contact with my pick or the frets... ( Classic Rock/Country/Blues)
Not worth the price...
Manufacturer Support
Since I only had a 30 day warranty...I didn't bother....Just decided not to buy the NEON again.
The Wow Factor
I don't plan on buying anymore....I'd use if they were given to me...But I'd be sure to keep an air can to spray oput the pick ups after use...due to the paint residue...

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