DRS Racks Alpha Bravo Guitar Rack

DRS Racks Alpha Bravo Guitar Rack

Stop leaning your guitars and basses on the wall! The DRS Racks Alpha Bravo is a stackable rack system that holds up to 14 instruments in a 38" wide space.

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Submitted February 24, 2022 by Ernie M in Tucson, AZ
"Good, not perfect"
Overall: 3 out of 5 stars
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I purchased from zZounds via Reverb.com. My issues are perhaps a bit nitpicky, but given the price is VERY high, I think you have the right to expect perfection or pretty close. I still think it's better than the other options, just at an exorbitant price that isn't fully reflected in some of the design decisions.The good: It looks fantastic and it's very sturdy and secure. It does the job I needed it to do. The bad: Using wood screws into a bamboo ply isn't the quality I'd expect given the very high price (the bamboo itself is fine btw, looks great). I had a couple that got to a point where I just knew one more twist and they would strip (and it wasn't that tight). For the price, it should be a threaded metal insert NOT a simple wood screw. The other issue is you have to hold it off the wall a good bit or the headstock on your guitars will hit the wall (all of them). Again given the price I'd expect it to be designed better so I could just put it against the wall and not have that issue.
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