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Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio Mini Pedal

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavio Mini Pedal

Loaded with same super-sputtery silicone saturation that Jimi loved, this mini Octavio kicks your tone into high gear with the distinctive octave-up effect.

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Submitted January 15, 2021 by Mark Garner in Metairie, LA
"Two Pedals In One"
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First the "bad"; the octave function really only becomes prominent when playing high up on the neck, especially above the 12th fret on the E, B, G & D.Playing in the lower registers is affected to a degree but power chords can be a noisy chaotic mess. Bits of chords, two or three notes, are recommended.Now the "good"... When playing in the upper registers - if you use the neck pickup with the tone turned low - you are rewarded with that classic fuzzy Octavio ('Octavia') sound that so many people associate with "that guitarist".I personally prefer to "dime" the fuzz control for ultimate saturation and then crank the output to around "2:00" then adjust the amp from there.Now... This pedal is basically two pedals in one.The original 'Band of Gypsies' fuzz face (the round red pedal with white knobs) was known to be an Octavio with the octave function removed.Out of curiosity I emailed Dunlop and was informed that this version of the Octavio with the octave function bypassed is the same circuit as the original Band of Gypsies fuzz face. (Newer versions of the 'BOG' Fuzz Face comes with a tone control. I had one of these a few years ago and found the tone control didn't really do much to improve the sound - it just changed it.)Personally I love this groovy looking little mini pedal but have found myself playing it more with the octave function bypassed. But it's nice to have the Octave Option.I'm a Hendrix fan and a fuzz junkie so I may be not totally unbiased here but I have to say I heartily recommend this pedal.
Musical Background:
Former semi-pro now a stay-at-home jammer.
Musical Style:
Rock, rock and rock. Mostly late 60's; Beatles, Yardbirds, Hendrix, Pink Floyd...
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