DiMarzio DP228 Crunch Lab Guitar Pickup

John Petrucci knows how a pickup should sound. The DP228 is a sonic balance of smooth highs, open lows, and a voicing perfect for high gain tone.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted October 6, 2018 by Dead Meat in Brooklyn, NY

"Perfect for my needs."

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I play death/doom on a baritone in drop g. It is installed with the bar toward the bridge. I mostly play through an 8x10, or 2x15 in a two piece to really help move that air, as I’ve found anything smaller than a Mesa oversized 4x12 just sounds kind of thin regardless of the amp. This pickup has mitigated that issue a LOT. Even a 1x10 ampeg G-18 sounds fine for bedroom noodling.At full volume they really let the guitar’s character come through. They’re not SUPER clean, but you can get those “fender cleans” to sparkle through with mostly negligible amounts of snot coming from the pickup itself.I installed it bar toward the bridge for added clarity and top end since I tune so low, and while doing exactly that there is no significant loss of low or midrange that I noticed. The punch in the low mids balanced with the clarity of the high mids give this pickup an awesomely eq’d punch and growl as soon as you start to turn up the gain. The low end is full and punchy, not an ounce of mud all the way down in G. Anyone who’s tried to tune much below drop B knows what I’m talking about. Just flub and no djent djent or jun juns. If you’re a 6 stringer, one of these and a proper setup and set of strings will fix any guitar you put this in(assuming you know how to dial in your tone in the first place). I can’t be much more specific than that. It just works well for what I do. I use a witchburner overdrive and a pharaoh fuzz by black arts toneworks into any amp and any big cab. This pickup in my guitar along with those two pedals let me stop worrying about whether or not I can sound the way I want when I don’t have the amp I want. It has helped me simplify my life just a teeny tiny bit. Looks badass. Sounds good too? I’ll take 3 more, thanks.

Musical Background:

15 years

Musical Style:

Death, doom, sludge metal.
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