DiMarzio DD2420 Custom Italian Leather ClipLock Guitar Strap

Feeling insecure? Look no further than the ClipLock strap. This Italian leather strap from DiMarzio keeps your strap secure with a unique fastening system.

Submitted September 9, 2010 by a customer from yahoo.com

"Hell bent for leather! Feels good!"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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i really love this strap. its beautifully made, super durable, gorgeous looking, and it really feels amazing sitting on your shoulder. this is truly the best strap i have ever owned.
honestly its a strap so it dosent make a sound(duh), but everything else is so good i rated it 10 anyway.
the strap is got great clips they lock perfectly and their super strong, also it comes with all the screws and washers you need to attach it to your guitar.
Ease of Use
so easy to lock and unlock, and also putting the strap clips on the guitar is super easy, all you need is a phillips head screwdriver, and some glue if need be. and then just click the strap in and i honestly guarantee it wont unhook. ive used these straps for 2 decades and ive never had a problem. their really in my opinion the best guitar straps on the market.
this lovely strap is beautifully made. the leather is so soft and the stiching is as good or better then some leather seats in cars, i will say though it is a little stiff when you first get it, but just play your guitar for a couple of hours straight, and it will be almost totally broke in. use it for a week or so and it will feel like youve owned it for years. i must also say that it really helps your shoulder when your playing, it dont dig in at all, it just sits on your shoulder and somehow makes the guitar feel so much lighter, it distributes the weight perfectly, no matter how heavy your guitar(or bass)is.
it is a bit pricey, but your getting such quality for your money. its durable, the leather is beautiful,and the clips are indestructable. i personally think its totally worth the money, but i could definitly understand if someone thought this was too expensive for a strap. seriously though, i know for a fact other leather straps cost upwards of $80 to $300, so i think its a good price.
Manufacturer Support
zzounds.com you guys rock. i never thought i would find such a great music store, were the people are super friendly, and know so much without sounding arrogant or pompus. extremely informative, and just amazing. my only music store that i will ever buy guitars or equipment from. the best in the buisness.
The Wow Factor
super super sexy. my wife saw me playing with it on my guitar and she thought it looked so hot. the leather is so soft and supple, and the dimarzio symbol just looks awesome. im not a big fan of pictures on my strap, so the fact that its just black makes it even sexier to me.

Musical Background:

20 year active musician and session guitarist, im also a guitar teacher

Musical Style:

metal is my personal favorite, but i love everything from classical to hip hop.
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