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Casio PX-780 Privia Digital Piano

Casio PX-780 Privia Digital Piano

Casio packed this Privia with 250 sounds including gorgeous grand pianos, 180 inspiring rhythms, a room-filling 4-speaker system, 17-track recorder and more.

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Submitted September 10, 2014 by Eric W in Kansas City, MO
"Awesome Acoustic Piano Alternative"
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My wife and I had been kicking around the idea of purchasing an inexpensive used piano for some time. My daughter is very involved in school vocal music and we were looking for something that she could use to practice her scales and exercises and improve her musical abilities. We finally decided on this instrument based on versatility, great reviews and the zZounds Pay-as-you-Play option. This is not a plug for zZounds, just a fact.
The piano(s) sounds great!! Lots of variations and subtle nuances in each voice. My favorite is the Bright Piano although the default Grand Piano is amazing. The other sounds are pretty good ranging from orchestral to world instrument sounds and General MIDI.
This is a perfect blend of a traditional piano with current technology. In addition to being a great piano it also has the features of an upper end portable keyboard with auto accompaniment, computer integration and more. Read the specs for more details
Ease of Use
Turn it on and it's a piano. Easy. Scroll up or down to get to the different piano sounds. Select a different bank like Elect Pianos or Strings and scroll though those sounds. Basic stuff like recording is pretty simple. Press record and go. It gets a little complex with some of the more in- depth functions that most people might never even touch. Lots of "hold this button while pressing another button" type of thing. It works though otherwise you would have a zillion buttons on the front panel. Owners Manual is actually pretty good.
Key action and feel is superb! Not cheap and plastic-y but has a classic ivory like texture. On a traditional acoustic piano, the keys in the lower register are heavier and respond differently to the lighter touch for the upper end. This accurately and beautifully recreates those nuances. The instrument is relatively small and compact although not intended to be a portable keyboard. Very study and they paid attention to the important yet simple things. It has extendable support feet to prevent it from tipping in case the instrument is not against a wall. Also the 3 pedals are reinforced underneath so it is well supported. the music stand is easily removable and allows you to set a laptop in its place. The sliding key cover is a nice feature usually not found until you get to a much higher price point. The only thing that would be an improvement aesthetically is to provide a larger modestly panel like they do on the Casio PX-850 which does not have all the additional sounds and features of the PX-780.
There are other products that have similar features as far as number of sounds and other bells and whistles but you do not get in to this quality with other recognizable brand name manufacturers until a much higher price point.
Manufacturer Support
I have only had the instrument for a month or two so fortunately there has been need for support yet
The Wow Factor
When my daughter's vocal music/piano teacher came to our house, she played this instrument. She loved the sound and feel of the keys and asked where we got and what it costs because she wanted to get one for a small studio space. So WOW from me and my family and WOW from a professional music instructor!
Musical Background:
Been playing for 25 years, piano and bass
Musical Style:
Retro, rock, country, oldies, 80s, 90s
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Submitted June 2, 2015 by Thomas T in Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Just A great digital piano!"
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Bought this from zZounds 5 days ago on the "Play As You Pay" plan. It was delivered by FedEx earlier today, in pristine, undamaged condition. From the fit and finish to the feel of the keyboard and the sound, this is a high end digital piano that is, from my research, one of the best values currently available. If you're looking to spend about $1k on a digital keyboard with weighted hammer action, then I don't think there's anything better than the PX-780 out there. ( If I thought there was I would have bought it instead of the PX-780. hahahaha) PROS: 1. Weighted, graded, hammer action that feels like a real acoustic piano. 2. For the default concert grand piano voice (at the default settings) at least, the tonal quality, the dynamic range, timbre nuances, resonance(s), depth, and fullness, especially in the mid-low frequencies, are all of very high acoustic realism and quality. This is the voice that I will be using most, and I'm very happty with it so far. 3. Dual headphone jacks on the FRONT left of the keyboard. 4. Onboard 16/17-track recorder to develop tunes with. 5. Audio recording of user songs done on the multi-track recorder directly to a USB flash drive device (which connects underneath center -- easy access) in .WAV file format. (Which can then be transferred to your computer for post production tweaking and subsequent mastering to a CD or DVD, and/or rendering in .MP3 format for uploading to various online music sites, or an .MP3 player or whatever.) 6. The included 3-pedal system is a really nice feature, and so far mine works flawlessly and with partial pedalling. 7 to whatever. Stuff that just doesn't come to mind at the moment. But I think that there's definitely more positive to say about this keyboard than I've said in this 'review'. I would definitely highly recommend the Casio Privia PX-780 digital piano anybody. Especially those who want the feel (and sound) of an acoustic piano. (It feels and sounds more like a grand than an upright. I've been primarily a Yamaha guy over the years, but I truly think that Casio has hit a home run with this PX-780 Privia. CONS: None that I can think of at this time.
Musical Background:
Intermediate composer/keyboardist. Play many other instruments in varying degrees of proficiency.
Musical Style:
Contemporary instrumental. Nu jazz. Fusion. That sort of thing.
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Submitted July 24, 2020 by Justin S in Akron, OH
"Excellent piano"
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I will begin by saying I’m an amateur pianist, but I’m a seasoned guitar and bass player and was wanting a new songwriting tool as well as something nice to have in my house as a functional and beautiful piece. Keyboards and synths out, digital pianos in. This Casio sounds great, is super sturdy, realistically weighted keys, easy to understand interface, and is great to look at. I received it in three days and setup took maybe an hour. This is probably the best investment you can make in a digital piano, especially under the $1500 mark.
Musical Background:
12 years a guitar/bass player and singer
Musical Style:
Rock, country, jazz
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Submitted March 12, 2014 by Larry C in Toledo, OH
"Digital piano"
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Very nice for the money. Sound quality is excellent. The key action is awesome and so is the simulated ivory. Haven't really explored all features. There is a lot to learn about how to even use them effectively. It would be nice if they had a video tutorial to learn more about all the tones, rhythms, splitting the keyboard, how to use the 16 or 17 track recording unit. There's definitely a whole lot of bang for your buck. The assembly took about 2 hrs. I did it by myself and that included the unpacking and disposal of all the cardboard, styrofoam, plastic and so forth. Just overall impressed with the whole unit. Very happy with my purchase of my Casio Priva PX 780. Would do it again in a second.
Musical Background:
Guitarist for over 30 yrs
Musical Style:
Christian Contemporary
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Submitted January 5, 2015 by Brad M in Starkville, MS
"Fantastic Digital Piano and Fantastic Service!"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I have been wanting a digital piano for years. I've had my eye on the Casio Privia line ever since it was produced and have always been told it was an amazing piano for an amazing price. Well, right before Christmas, I decided to treat myself to the PX-780. I'd be lying if I didn't confess that the 12 interest-free payments didn't help make that decision for me! Wow, what a great great service zZounds offers in that. PLUS free shipping. I got the piano in less than four days too! As far as the sound goes, the PX-780 blew my mind! Casio has taken every opportunity to make the piano sounds on their Privia line the most realistic in the industry as far as I'm concerned. From the realistic feel of the faux ebony and ivory keys, the realistic response, to the fact that you can even hear the dampers on the strings (even just pressing the damper pedal, you can hear the dampers move which shocked me!) I'd say the PX-78 has proven to be one of the best digital pianos in the $1,000 or less price range. I guess if I had just one tiny thing to say, I'd say I wish there were more room on top for lamps or a music light. That is something I'm working out at the moment. Other than that, I give it a solid 8 out of 10.
Musical Background:
Playing for 30+ years in churches, bands, and for personal enjoyment.
Musical Style:
Gospel, jazz, blues, I enjoy all styles.
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