Boss RV-500 Reverb Processor Pedal

With 12 modes, 21 reverb algorithms and enough editing parameters to keep you busy for days, Boss' RV-500 Reverb Processor is their deepest reverb yet.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted October 10, 2017 by Victor V T in Princeton Junction, NJ

"Boss RV 500 Game Changer "

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Absolutely one of the best sounding pedal Reverb’s I’ve used to date. I’ve used Strymon, Neunaber, TC Electronic, Electro Harmonix, Eventide, DigTech/Lexicon and a few others. They all have their tone and if it works for you great. If you want something with more dimension and realism give the RV 500 a listen. The Plate & Hall Reverb are fantastic on nylon strings. Lots of tweaking possibilities. It’s very easy to eq the low and high trails and tone. Right out of the box and on my Pedalboard it’s usable. The ability to pull off my pedal-board and use with batteries is s plus for my use at gigs with no ac. Many of the good reverb pedals on the market don’t have this option. It’s 32bit 96k sampling is an industry high. I’m liking it so far. It’s very smooth and non grainy. I don’t care for reverb of any type when there’s a grainy trail and sounds transistorized processed. I have this setup for my main Gig Rig. From the Guitars with LR Baggs Dual Source or Fishman Presus Blend. Line in (TR)or Wireless (SaturnA/B Switcher) with Line 6 G30 to a Grace Design AliX, DÁddarío Tuner, Boss RV500, TC Ditto Looper.

Musical Background:

35 Years Guitar

Musical Style:

Flamenco, Smooth Jazz, Rumba, Classical, New Age, World
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