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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The tech-infused Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 sport an adaptive mic system, integrated voice assistants and Bose AR for unrivaled performance.

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Submitted April 1, 2020 by Michael M in Henrietta, NY
"Bose NCH 700"
I have both the QC35 and the 700's. I will weigh pros and cons for you if you are on the fence about buying these. I will give you the bad news first because I prefer to leave you with a good taste in your mouth so to speak, after reading this review. CONS:The QC35's are much more supple and thicker as far as the leather and soft padding is concerned therefore making the QC's more comfortable than the 700's. I let over 15 people try on both and they all agree. The 700's are still soft and are extremely comfortable with soft leather but the QC's take the cake in this portion of the comparison. The 700's are about half the thickness as the QC's maybe almost 3/4 and that's being generous. Also, the QC's are "BY FAR" more user friendly with its folding stow n go option whereas, with the 700's, you have to take your time sliding each earcup up the side rails of the headband; both left and right individually, then you turn each one 90° and finally you can then place them in your carrying case. They lay flat with the earcups facing down. Again, the QC's get the win here. Especially when you're in a hurry. If I were to have a "biggest gripe," that would definitely be the one. However, I do not have a "biggest gripe," I am still happy with both but it was a very big change for me not being able to quickly fold my headphones and stuff them in my coat pocket or its case or wherever I felt like at the moment....you absolutely cannot do this with the 700's they need to be put in their case whenever you're not wearing them, they DO NOT FOLD! I just want you to know this. Also, when your performing stow n go with the 700's I quite often find myself accidentally pushing the power button because you must grab the sides of each earcup in order to slide them up the rails of the headband to be put away. The power button could not be in a worse spot for me personally but who knows, it may never even be an issue for you. Those were the cons for me personally and in my opinion, that is a very short list.PROS:The app works flawlessly for me I have never had an issue. The 700's sound a bit better, they are a little more crisp and the bass is a little deeper but it isn't a huge difference. If you are an audiophile you will be able to tell the difference but a casual listener will be fine with either. The outer earcups on the 700's have the "touch and swipe" technology and you can also change the levels of the noise canceling that you want so you can let in as much ambient noise as you would like. You can swipe in a cross formation meaning swiping up or down affects the volume and swiping left or right affects the tracks and FF/REW. A lot of these features are adjustable in the app. Overall I think the 700's are a little more technologically advanced than the QC35's. If you are strictly comparing the two for their sound quality alone, I would say the 700's have a slight edge. However, the QC35's are more comfortable, easier to transport and are less expensive. Or you can do what I did and buy both so that when one pair dies you can rotate them and always have charged headphones. Either way, I hope this review helped and good luck with your purchase!
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Submitted February 17, 2020 by Sarah K in Chattanooga, TN
"Great Product for the Price"
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My Bose 700 headphones are fantastic. The app works great and is a simple way to access nearly all of the headphone’s features. I’m not sure when the previous review was written but, I use my 700’s with Apple products such as an iPhone and my work iMac. The touch-earcup feature is pretty cool and I like how the headphones charge quickly. I use these at work for taking support calls and have no problem with customers hearing me, which is fantastic as the wireless BT allows me to move around my area freely. It’s sooo much better than my wired headset, but in my particular case, I always have my backup wired headset. I’ve tried with the Bose-provided cable to use with a wire, but definitely prefer the wireless. The headphones work fine wired or wirelessly, and the same goes with the mic. The one downside I’ve experienced with the app is if I’m using BT audio on my desktop and my phone rings, the iPhone ringing takes precedence over the previous BT connection. To avoid this problem I just disconnect one input source in the app and leave the other on, but I have messaged BOSE about my inability to hear both at once, which, if controlled by the app, should be a simple matter of programming in some additional preferences for a future version.I’m a huge fan of EDM and I’m generally quite picky about the drivers on my headphones and their ability to reproduce heavy bass, and use these as a testing grounds for final output production to reproduce an over-the-ear headphone experience.The ANC is quite frankly amazing—I can be nearly oblivious to the world around me with it on and quite like the option to turn it on and off.
Musical Background:
Run a production studio with my husband
Musical Style:
Electronic mostly, but everything other than country music.
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Submitted September 14, 2019 by Derek W in Arlington, TX
"Somewhat disappointing"
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The sound is very much like the QC35 as expected but maybe a bit less soundstage. The app is very buggy and connectivity behavior can be inconsistent when using multiple devices at once. The mic sounds glitchy using conference software on my Windows 10 laptop but disconnecting Bluetooth from my phone sometimes fixes it. The ability to be connected to two devices is one of the listed features. There is also no way to turn off ANC or pass thru from the headset, however it can be done from the Bose app - if the Bose app happens to work for you. I never get the full 20 hours, even at the full charge the set says something like 18 hours remaining. If you don’t wear them just right they make a clank sound when you walk. This has been discussed in the forums and other places.I firmware update and app updates can solve most of my issues I believe, but who knows if/when that will happen. The sound, comfort and features are all great but the execution on the software so far is very poor.
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Submitted March 1, 2021 by a customer from gmail.com
"Dangerously disappointed."
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Pro(s)- The Bose noise cancellation technologies are very effective. I have the QC 15 headphones and continue to be very pleased with the overall experience. That about covers the positives. Cons- The sound quality, while solid, is bland. There should be some equalization variations for personal preferences. The biggest issue came after 18 months of almost daily use. The 'phones were plugged in (USB hub) to enter the recharge cycle, and after several hours I came back to find that the USB plug was so hot to the touch that it couldn't be handled. The socket was melted. I tried to plug it back in, and all the USB components flashed confirming the damage. I continue to use them as basic passive headphones with the included wired cable, but I dare not plug them back in. One wonders if the unit was left plugged-in that a fire hazard might result. I consulted Bose user forums, and found other who had the same experience. I should have chose the QC35s.
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