Black Lion Audio B172A Dual Compressor

1176-style FET compression or LA-2A-style opto compression? BLA's B172A has both sides of this dynamic duo, in separate circuits you can route any which way.


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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted December 4, 2022 by a customer from

"Learning Curveball"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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OK, so... I've had my B172a for about 7 months now. It lives in my vocal chain. I bought it after about a year of using 76 and 2a plugins in sequence on just about every vocal. It just works, so when I saw thing thing, I was like, yup, send it here!I gotta admit, if I'd written this review when I first got this piece, it would not have gotten five stars. I hooked it up and let in burn in for, like, a day or so, and thought I'd be ready to rock'n'roll. Nope! It just didn't sound right, and I really couldn't get it dialed in. Also, the noise floor on the 76 side was stupidly high.Fast forward to now. After much trial and error, I have the gains and everything optimized for my setup and, guess what? At some point that hiss on the 76 side went away. I hadn't even noticed, it's been gone for a while. Maybe I should've let the thing burn in for three days out of the box. My last dozen or so recordings through this piece have been brilliant! So much so, I feel it's worthy of the full five stars, despite it being less than intuitive getting it going good initially. I wouldn't wanna work without it now.

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