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Audio-Technica ATM450 Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica ATM450 Condenser Microphone

Grab Audio-Technica's ATM450 side-address small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone to capture drum overheads, percussion, acoustic guitar, and more.

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Submitted January 16, 2019 by Jonathan B in Mesquite, TX
"Incredible Value"
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I really like this microphone. Great sound, easy to place and tough as nails. For the price point you can do different, but not necessarily better.Other contenders at this price point are the Audix ADX51, Sennheiser e614 and for a smidge more money the Shure KSM 137. I own all of them, and with the exception of the e614 that sounds rather harsh and cheap to my ears, they all have their uses. I tend to reach for the ATM450 for live micing hi-hat, ride and snare bottom. The off axis response is very even, so the unavoidable bleed you get in the positions I use them sounds much more pleasing. They're also brighter than the others, but in a good way. They really bring out the bite without being harsh. The side address design makes placement much easier as well.On occasion I've also used them as overheads and on snare top for jazzier type stuff. They do very well here as well. They don't excel on acoustic instruments though. That brightness tends to be a but too much there, and though the bottom end is very flat and clean, it is a bit on the lean side. If you're only going to buy one type of SDC, I'd go for the ADX51 or splurge a bit for the KSM137. They're certainly more versatile. For drums and percussion work though, it's hard to beat the ATM450.They're very roadworthy mics. I've drug mine all over the world and they consistently do 200+ shows a year. They've been hit and dropped many times. I've yet to have a single failure.
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Professional FOH Engineer for 20+ years.
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I'll mix whatever pays the bills, but tend to do mainly lighter rock and pop type stuff.
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Submitted March 30, 2009
"Best small condensor for multitasks at a budget price"
This a great microphone at any price. Very flat response. Maybe a bit of extra shine around 12khz, but nice and flat. Very quiet. Works well for anything. I use 2 of them in stereo for Classical Guitar. I have a great mic preamp, and great converters which i believe is a must with any mic. Dont expect anything great from any mic unless you have your entire signal path really together.
The side address is cool, cause the cable hangs straight down, so there is no wear on the end of the cable. Its small, and light.
Ease of Use
easy to use.
i baby my equipment, so i cant comment on ruggedness. But it has worked with no problems so far.
you wont find a better small condensor for this price.
Manufacturer Support
Have'nt needed any support.
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I cant live without these mics
Musical Background:
Fulltime musician, studio engineer, music producer
Musical Style:
All styles
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