Audio-Technica AT2010 Handheld Condenser Vocal Microphone

Standard stage dynamic mic isn't cutting it? Brighten up any vocals and slice through the mix with Audio-Technica's AT-2010 handheld cardioid condenser mic.

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Submitted September 9, 2010

Audio-Technica AT2010 Mic Customer Review

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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i would replace it with another if lost etc.
IN A LIVE SITUATION ,WE HAVE USED THE Audio-Technica AT2010 on all 7 vocalist ... we had great results.. the mic cuts thru the mix.. and the vocals were clear and clean.. we did use a pop filter on these mics .. we also used these for some recording and are very satisfied with them
using this for live or studio ,these will be perfect mics and a great value
Ease of Use
this is a mic, it not rocket science to get these mics to sound good for both male or female vocals
this is worth the selling price
Manufacturer Support
never dealt with the company
The Wow Factor
its a mic, they really do not have much sex appeal

Musical Background:

active musician

Musical Style:

praise & worship
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Submitted November 7, 2007

"Audio Technica AT2010 short review"

Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Depend on your voice, you might like it or hate it.
I own it for a few months already. This is a bright sounding mic. A bit too bright for my taste. If you think SM58 is too muddy for your voice, you may try this AT2010, it might helps your voice to 'cut the crowd'. I tested it with around 6-7 vocalist, so far it is more suitable for male vocalist due to it's bright sound. It is also prone to excessive 'sss', AT should improve the grill and filters. If you are Bass or Alto, this mic might be suitable for you, and help to brightened your voice. But tenors and sopranos might not like it. Pros: Low Noise Bright sound (depends on the vocalist, could be down side also) Cons: A bit colored, not very neutral Bright sound, prone to excessive 'sss' sound This is not a mic that can be easily recommended to everybody. It could sound very good for some people, but could be too bright to others. A proper test is a must before buying this mic. As a tenor, I put a thin layer of cotton under the grill to reduce the brightness. But overall, AT2010 is a decent mic for the price. I think AT shouldn't tweak the freq response, and just leave it as it is, as the AT2020, but with handheld design.
Have drop it a few times, still working well, good construction. It is lighter than SM58, but solidly built. So far have no problem with handling noise.
The Wow Factor
For me, a tenor, one is enough :)

Musical Background:

A few years with church recording

Musical Style:

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