Audio-Technica AE6100 Artist Elite Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone

Get outstanding feedback rejection and larger-than-life vocal sound, thanks to the A-T Artist Elite AE6100 dynamic microphone's hypercardioid pickup pattern.

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Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Submitted August 19, 2009 by a customer from

"King of Handheld Dynamics"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I won't replace this mic ever. It won't need to be replaced. I will however purchase the ae5400, but as an additional color for my vocal spectrum, not a replacement or upgrade.
I've owned this mic for about three years. During that time I've performed in every situation other than an arena. That includes the bars with a useless sound guy, the clubs with an excellent sound guy, the outdoor festival with no sound guy at all, the theaters with perfect acoustics and pristine sound system, and of course the cramped practice space. I've used it a lot. This mic is best performing dynamic I've used. Having used the Shure SM58 and Beta 58a, Electrovoice n/d 767, Audix OM2 and OM5, and the Sennheiser e835, I'd say I have a pretty good basis for comparison. The 6100 rejects feedback as well or better than any of these. The transients cut straight through, and the clarity is unrivaled. I sang with a super loud heavy progessive/metal band. Whisper to scream, the 6100 shines.
Superb clarity, incredible feedback rejection. Oh, and it handles plosives amazingly well.
Ease of Use
Hypercardioids have a slightly higher learning curve. You have to keep on them tightly, or else you're lost. That said, the 6100 reacts amazingly well to "playing the mic." That's something all singers should do with their mic. Spend some time with it, develop a relationship with it and you won't be disappointed.
Let's bring up the really important point -- How durable is this thing? I've thrown it, I've dropped it. It's lived through fog filled venues, dusty outdoors festivals, smoke filled rehearsal spaces... Not a scratch, and it still sounds incredible. Buy this mic.
Best gear investment I've made as a singer.
Manufacturer Support
Never needed to talk to them. I love Audio Technica. I also own an AT4050. Incredible mics.
The Wow Factor
This thing stands out from the crowd. Not the "golfball on a stick" look we've seen from Shure, or the blacker than black from Audix. Has a look and feel all it's own. I like that the grip isn't just rounded. It makes for a better hold.

Musical Background:

Active Musician, vocalist

Musical Style:

Metal, electronic, heavyyyyyy
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