ART SyncGEN Wordclock and Sample Rate Generator

Eliminate timing errors with the ART SyncGEN Wordclock Generator that doubles as a system tester by alerting you if any equipment has a bad connection.

Submitted January 3, 2011

"Great Value Word Clock"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I needed to address longish clock runs and a daisy chain that pushed the limits. The SyncGEN did exactly that. I currently have two devices running end to end and one 2 device chain. I've got one extra BNC out if I need it. The box has two SPDIF sync outputs as well. One is in use, and I have one spare. I've got room to expand before needing to step up to a higher end word clock generator. I am currently clocking at either 44.1K or 48K depending on the project. The SyncGEN can clock up to 192K. I cant speak to how accurate the clock is, but I have no complaints so far with the final audio product.
Hmm - the sound of a wordclock? It does seem to keep the sounds of the devices it clocks in sync - no digital issues that I've run across.
It appears to do what it advertises. This is a simple clock gen box with 6 selectable clock rates which apply to the entire unit. It does not have per output controls. It comes with a collection of BNC Ts and 75 ohm terminators - nice touch! Fairly large (5/8 tall) numbers show clock setting. 4 LED's show green for proper connection, red for incorrect termination, off for not connected. It is not rack mountable without some custom fitting. It is designed to be set somewhere. The floppy drive panel of one of my synths is the perfect size and happens to be about equal distance from the furthest flung clock inputs. Depending on your cabling, you might find you need to hold the box down, or secure the cables so the box doesn't get moved around. An "8" here is not a knock - this is a simple device that solves some basic clock issues for low cost.
Ease of Use
I dont know how it could be easier. Push a button to select the clock rate. It remembers the setting when powered off.
Seems like a tough little box. Button and jacks seem securely mounted.
This product does exactly what I need it to do at a very reasonable price. Other options cost a lot more.
Manufacturer Support
I've not called about the SyncGEN, but over the past 25 years I've had numerous ART devices and little if any trouble. ART have always been easy to reach and have been helpful regarding both pre sale and post sale questions, application issues, upgrades, etc.
The Wow Factor
Little black box with green LED's (when set up correctly), rounded edges on the sides. Sits among the techno gear without being intrusive, but gives clock rate and port status at a glance.
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