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Antelope Audio Orion Studio HD USB 3.0 Audio Interface

Antelope Audio Orion Studio HD USB 3.0 Audio Interface

Antelope delivers USB 3.0 and HDX connectivity, huge I/O with 12 Class A mic preamps, a massive real-time FPGA FX library, and next-level AD/DA and clocking.

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Submitted December 23, 2018 by Sergio M in Los Banos, CA
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
First of all I don’t want my review to hurt zZounds because they have a wonderful team, and I was helped out greatfully by the staff. The reason for my bad review is for the horrible experience I’ve had with this unit. I ordered new and have owned this Orion Studio HD for almost a year. I am running Windows 10 4TB SSD on 16GB RAM All connections USB 3.0 and all I had were problems from the USB 3.0 Cable I received with the unit being faulty to countless hours and emails and calls with the Antelope Audio support team. All because I am using the unit and out of nowhere I get a pop up window which says “Error not enough ASIO outputs” and I have done everything in my power to buying different cables to work better and nothing, and what does the Antelope Team tell me, oh it must be your motherboard on your computer. I have ran a few USB 3.0 Harddrives simultaneously transferring Data back and forth meanwhile having a USB 3.0 to 4K HDMI to my 4K screen and I have never had an issue but I connect your single OSHD cable and the unit will just run when it wants to? I don’t think it has to do with my motherboard but with Antelope’s S#&% Drivers. I wanted to return the unit but cause small scratch damage due to rack mounting it (screw holes on ears) but I know I won’t get my $3K back. Again I don’t want to hurt Zzounds because maybe this is just my case and not anyone else. The unit is beautiful but I feel like the drivers are what killed it.
The sound is beautiful when the unit decides to work.
The Preams are great and Control Panel software is a beautiful patch bay.
Ease of Use
When the unit decides to work (again) the ease of use is pretty straight forward like any other interface.
12 Great mic preamps, awesome design, color and finish is studio quality.
I don’t want to say I regret paying the 3K for this unit but at the price I wish I could’ve gotten a more reliable piece of equipment. Again not zZounds fault.
Manufacturer Support
I’ve dealt with the Antelope Team they were helpful until their last resort was to tell me “your computer’s mother board is the problem” when I’ve done my Loggings and noticed their drives constantly fail.
The Wow Factor
If it had more reliable Drives this would be the perfect interface even with the lack of Midi connectivity.
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10 Years Playing Piano, Light Producing
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Submitted September 25, 2019 by MJ Walton in New Brunswick, NJ
"Decent enough but their customer service sux for what you have to pay"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
I pretty much agree with the previous rater.I got so angry with their almost non existent customer service. The see through face plate came off of my Orion 32 out the blue..For the most part it’s slightly better than average but it’s customer service sux so bad that it’s not worth it.. Ask them why some of the premier online music stores discontinued selling their products? Their track record sux bad!!!
Musical Background:
I’ve played in sessions around the world under different names...Play Guitars, keyboard, vocals,etc
Musical Style:
Raw Funk, Gospel, Blues, roots, spoken word, etc
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