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Antelope Audio Edge Solo Modeling Microphone

Antelope Audio Edge Solo Modeling Microphone

Enter the world of mic modeling! The Edge Solo fixed-cardioid large-diaphragm condenser emulates vintage microphones via Antelope's cutting-edge software.

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Submitted August 18, 2020 by a customer from gmail.com
"Forget Spending The Big Bucks On A Mic Locker,Get This Instead"
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I was skeptical of modeling mics before using the Edge Solo, and only gave it a whirl because it came in a package deal with my stellar Discrete 4 Synergy Core interface. I've been exposed to quality mics,preamps,mixing consoles since starting out at Full Sail in the mid 80's,and I know the difference between those that perform at studio grade and "almost studio grade" levels. The build of this mic reminds me of the more decent quality $300 mics we have,like an Aston or Mikte; it's not cheap or shabby. It's the software that's the magic and it's proven to be the good stuff we needed all along, at a price anyone can afford. If you have ever wanted the option to run your vocal mic signal into a good hardware chain before your interface- fancy mic,preamp plus EQ and compressor-then you know how much that can cost. Add in 2 or 3 different mics, a couple different EQ's plus an extra preamp for colour,well...it gets expensive quick and most home studios can't justify the expense. I know we've spent more on mic rentals the last year than what this mic cost and I won't,and don't,have to do that again unless a client requests it. The Antelope Audio plugins are very good,excellent actually. We only use them on the front end going into our interface,as we have our handpicked plugin library within our DAW folder. I truly regret not going this route sooner,lesson learned. We are considering adding the DUO,just because the results are so darn good and it makes such good sense (cents). These work great in a W10 or Mac,latency and other issues don't exist,especially using a Synergy Core interface. Manufacturer support is almost instant,too. Well worth the $$$. Unless you must have a physical unit,consider this option before outboard gear. It'll blow you away-it sure did us.
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Submitted November 13, 2019 by Darren Jones in OVIEDO, FL
"Won't Go Wrong"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Anyone who does work in the studio knows just how important it is to have a quality mic locker. Great microphones are ideal, but legendary microphones are invaluable and EXPENSIVE! This is where this microphone shines and the reason I decided to purchase it!!! It's one single-capsule microphone that provides me access to 18 of the most sought after mics in the world. It works with ANY preamp or audio interface and allows you to record yourself on the emulated mics very accurately! The sound is phenomenal at an extremely generous price point. It's literally a way to have thousands of dollars in world-class mics for a fraction of the cost. Truly a no-brainer situation.
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Professional Audio Engineer / Producer
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Hip-Hop, RnB, Gospel
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