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AKG Drum Set Session I Drum Microphone Pack

AKG Drum Set Session I Drum Microphone Pack

Mic up your whole drum kit with AKG microphones for a great price. This set includes a P2 kick drum mic, four P4s for toms and snare, and P17s for overheads.

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Submitted December 24, 2015 by John A in Golden, CO
"Great Mic Set For Live Performances"
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As a professional drummer with over 40 years of experience touring, recording and producing, I'm pretty picky about what kind of sound I get from my drum mics. I have used almost every conceivable combination of mics on the market and know the characteristics of most of them. There are great road warrior mics that have stood the test of time and touring as well as fantastic, but often times very pricey and fragile, studio mics and lots of things that fall somewhere in between. I play many different styles of music from small jazz combos to a large 20 piece contemporary big band as well as heavy rock bands. I use 5 different sets of drums of various configurations, sizes and sounds, so I need something that can mic them all effectively.When it comes to recording I generally use whatever that particular studio has available as that’s what their engineers are familiar with and I leave it up to their discretion. Most studios I work in have very high end gear. But for live shows, I want to have something strong and consistent because you never know what you are going to run into with house sound systems and often times you need to use your own P.A. so I need a great set of drum mics. My old set was getting a bit beat up so, I was looking for a good set of mics that would do the job but not cost a fortune. I checked out pretty much everything on the market and decided to give these new AKG mics a shot.I have used them for about two month now and they are terrific. They are very live mics and pick up the tonal characteristics of each drum spectacularly. Since using them I have had numerous people from the audiences come up and comment on how great the drums sound, and that doesn’t usually happen. The sound guys I’ve worked with have all praised them and were surprised by how effective all the mics were and how well they integrated together. But, I do have this to say. They are pretty HOT mics, especially the bass drum mic, so you need to warn your sound guy about the before you sound check them. If he has it set to what he’s used to with a bass drum mic, it’s going to distort and he’ll freak out. If he dials it in from scratch, it’s an awesome mic and he’ll love it.I would, and have recommended this set of mics to anyone who wants a great set at a good price. They are well built and road worthy, come in a nice travel case and sound amazing. They really do live up the AKG legacy. Buy ‘em.
They sound great and have a lot of depth and body.
They come complete with mic holders and mounts
Ease of Use
Very easy to use once you know what to expect
Very well made and rugged enough for touring
This is the best price vs. performance package available.
Manufacturer Support
Have not needed that yet
The Wow Factor
One you use them the wow factor comes from what people say about the drum sound. Wasn't expecting that but when several drummers come up and ask you what you are using, you know it's giving you what you were looking for.
Musical Background:
Full time professional musician, drummer, producer and band leader
Musical Style:
Jazz, Big Band, Jazz Fusion, Latin and lots of Rock&Roll.
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Submitted February 15, 2017 by John Peterson in Florence, OR
"AKG Value"
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I bought this mic set for two reasons; I have owned, a great many mics and these are a fantastic value. These mics are "hot' in that they do not require much or any gain depending on the mixing board you might be utilizing. When the mics are run through processors they are simply stellar. Great Value for the $$.
Musical Background:
50+ years. Drums, keyboards, Bass
Musical Style:
I prefer a mix of jazz, fusion, raggae and blues.
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